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All you have to do is just tell one friend or family member about idee podcasts. And if it's helping you and we hope it is say, hey, this is going to really great stuff. Hopefully that you're getting and you can share that with your friends and family, and they're going to be able to better relate to you. You to them share with your spouse, if you haven't already or partner or Tinder date be like a I really like this first date. Marriage and relationship podcast. Okay. But we do appreciate it. We appreciate you guys listening and sharing the show in on today's show. We have a another great topic in one. We haven't talked too much about in that is rejection with Dr Ellen Hendrickson in you may have heard of her podcast this savvy psychologist. I know I always see I tunes, but she is a clinical psychologist who helps millions calm their anxiety in be their offense. Selves through her podcast as I mentioned in the clinic at Boston university's center for exile eighty in related disorders. Yeah. It was a great episode. We not only talked about rejection while you are dating but also rejection in the relationship and the best ways to handle it and how to talk to your partner to to validate their. Feelings and help them not feel as rejected in the moment. In like, a lot of things we talk about on the show, they're small things, but they're so huge and improving your life and your relationship. So listen to the tips Ellen gives us in today's show. As always we love you guys. We appreciate you listening telling your friends and family tone to subscribe, leaving those five star reviews and just being you're awesome selves. And we've kind of been on all of a sudden this kick of doing based on the topic. Suggestions you guys send us, and we created a thread on the love tribe community page on Facebook. And I just keep going back to those and keep pulling those topics. So I love it. So keep it up. We love putting out the information that you guys wanna hear and during that page. Yeah. Join the love tribe. Love tribe. Fam- on Facebook is a called love tribe name or just Latrobe. Yeah. Love tribe was gone. So it's love try. Fam-?.

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