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Outstanding start for Georgia. The dogs leading 14 to nothing. That last drive covered 55 yards, five plays a 12 yard cash in from Bennett. To Kenny Mack on the touchdown throw that should Georgia medals drive summary from a doghouse to a doghouse Georgia medals. Has got you covered. So with 10 17 to go in the first quarter. It's now 14 to nothing. Georgia as the guys in red and silver will kick it away from right to left. This will be Jake Camarda, the preseason all American punter. To handle the kickoff duties here and Jermaine Brown is one of the guys back deep for you. A B High end over end kick spinning going to come down a yard deep in the end zone. Burton calls for the fair catch makes it takes a knee in the end zone. And the Blazers will take the touch back in the ball. At the 25 yard line Dawg fans whether your favorite seat is right on the 50 or comes with a bird's eye view, had to StubHub and grab 100% verified tickets. So you know you'll get in. StubHub has been getting fans into the game for over 21 years. And is the official fan to fan ticket marketplace of the Georgia Bulldogs. StubHub be there? If your steps have been it, you can't have a better start to the football Game three for 32 touchdown passes now. Got a rating of 442.4. I'm not sure if I've ever seen that. Grazie. Take a picture. Quit get a screenshot. All right. Here's the U. A. B and Johnston on a play fake and a roll out to the near side that kind of blew up in his face. He's just going to have to scramble and try to find whatever he can. Between the hash marks. He ends up getting two yards before being hit by Trayvon Walker. At the 27 yard line again of two on the Quarterback scramble there by the Blazers second and eight. Smart play there by Johnston again Coverage of the Georgia secondary Just outstanding. We talked about it last week as well. This rebuilt Georgia secondary, a great job against Clemson, right there Fantastic again. Adam Anderson was helping to blow up that play in pursuit of the quarterback play fake by Johnston. He'll throw this time He's got happy feet in the pocket. He throws it anyway. At the 35. And Johnson Sanders is the intended target, but to red shirts, they're defending. One of them was Latavius Brini to help break up the ball..

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