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Talking with senator kevin meyer who's running for lieutenant governor of the great state of alaska senator mayer a couple of the big issues that we've just started to touch upon is the permanent fund but i think there was a major bill that was passed this year that some alaskans are still scratching their heads saying what does it mean and that is as speed twentysix which is the restructure as many are calling it i don't know that it's i don't think it's a true peo mvp i'm what it means and kind of where you came down on that issue points vicks as as we witnessed over the last three years the legislature and the governor can basically use as much of the permanent fund earnings as they want to any and even the courts of have agreed with that so what that that worries us and that should worry everyone is is having that much access to the permanent fund earnings and basically having no dividend whatsoever so at least at least sent bill twenty six does limit the amount that the legislature and the governor can can can draw from the permanent fund of at twenty five five point two five and then five percent in two years and so you know this bill has changed multiple times i think the democrats wanted to add an income tax into it and that didn't really fly you know the challenge being with that particular bill we saw right after it passed a couple of days later then you see i think it was the capital budget that went through that said if we don't get to see if we don't get cpr vote we're just gonna tap more of the earnings reserve so what is the real solution in order to making sure we actually hold government into into kind of a little bit of a corner how do we corral them so they don't spend like drunken sailors no offense to drunken sailors well actually i had a bill i as you know senator identity left legislature early and i took over his bill to put in the constitution a spending cap at true spending cap and and you know getting getting any bill passed that deals with the constitution is a high hurdle and it should be you don't want to easily just change your your constitution and so i i knew it was never going to pass the house so i got it as far as i could in in in the senate as well as another bill which would say if we implemented any new taxes but that would have to go before the vote of of the people and yeah i didn't have much luck with that either but yeah the the true solutions is to put it in the constitution.

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