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All right dr radio hails the five sixty john rushed jim camper dennis reussir from extreme out repair here with us marty in colorado springs you are next good morning john kamara mark thanks for calling i enjoy all your code by thank you sir appreciate that very much ninety luke concord uh that car hailed like newer cars do i re procedure to count the miles after an oil change i don't remember i don't think the ninety chrysler did handle what prompts might call is uh got a hard twenty thousand miles on it been in a family since new it's been wealth taking care of k uh got an oil change two thousand miles who go couldn't go to the gm dealer like i normally go to everybody was backed up and i was trying to get out of town on trip took it took some quickie lube whatever and it was okay on that trip but now now uh especially after oil warmed up that oil light comes on extremely dim like like it's borderline oil pressure or something in a moment any hundred and thirty one hundred butler twenty tori yeah and it's a concert not a see bring right uh yes redick linked to and because i think from from what i'm looking at i believe i know the cebrian said a reset procedure but i can't remember whether the concord did or didn't i'm sorry i'm among i'm off on that one i dunno the one thing is that which you're having no isn't going to do with a check engine light on earth the more resetting where oil light will you gotta you have a problem with either the the center or on russia or low on pressure and the and the lights just barely turning on you you need to get that looked at how the fuel pressure check her the oil pressure chest not a good thing what one thing it would pop into my head owes it possible to be related to oil that was used could be if the ice lynn there nor yeah that's i've looked at the dipstick i don't see see an issue with it it still clean a gay seem excrete extremely thin the other thing that would be worth checking on that as well on back to jim got me thinking little closer to be the oil filter that they used on the car also the sort of thing another one to look as though quick no offence a.

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