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Wait. Forty two. News radio. Three things. I think you need to know. Number one. President Trump is a big freaking deal man promises. Made promises kept into the the the media doesn't want you to like know. I is crazy to me. You have the president signing the new trade deal with Mexico, Canada and us needs to be ratified by our congress. But this is a big deal. This is a positive deal. The big he said he was gonna do it NAFTA stunk. You don't wanna NAFTA Jeff flake? We'll get to that. In a second. Second thing that I think you need to know is that a deputy marshal was killed in the line of duty yesterday. Trying to issue a. A warrant for the this this guy this nut job that was stalking. A law enforcement officer oracle, and Glenn is where it happened in this deputy marshal. Unfortunately died at the hospital terrible TD was able to get this guy to come out of his house without any further shooting. And he's now in custody third thing, I think you need to know the immigrants swords the migrants. Let's just say look the migrants down in Tijuana. They have now staged a hunger strike some of them. Hunger-strike? Why what's going on hunger? Strike. Yes. A hunger strike. Because they want the asylum process to speed up granted the guy that talked to writers that's behind it. The Honduran guy said he wants to get to America. So he can get a job and send money back to his daughter. That is not asylum three things, I think you need to know. One more thing since we're talking about Jeff flake tweeted this out, and I'll put it on Facebook. Jeff flake, holy conservative judges and the rest of this country hostage because of his out hatred of President Trump is so disgusting. So bad. Yet. Nobody from the Arizona. Republican party has condemned him. Jonathan lines is the chairman of the Arizona Republican party. He's the guy that wouldn't organiz bait for Republicans between MC Sally, Kelli ward and Pyo because they're all in cahoots. They're all in cahoots. And. And Jonathan lines did everything he could to sabotage Kelli ward and make sure MC Sally one. Which was you know, I it was a loser losing move. And the fact that Jonathan lines is not condemning leading the way to condemn Jeff flake and say put your personal hatred of the president aside and confirm these frigging judges man, it's for the good of Arizonans. It's for the good of Americans. Do it. Nothing from Jonathan lines. This is another giant example of why Kelli ward who announced on the show last week that she's running for Zona Republican chairman probably she needs to be in there. And this guy needs to be given the boot this guy Jonathan lines. I'm pretty sure Kelly would probably condemn. Anybody that would do an act that Jeff flake is doing? And it's pretty pathetic that you have this this old boy network led by these establishment freaks. It's from. It's the McCain tentacles on down in this. Jonathan lines is part of it. That. That he won't you won't condemn Jeff flake. You know, and listen apparently, a reputation because this Jonathan lines made himself available right before the primary between ward mix alley Pyo got a press release sent out to all the media. So I said, hey, I'll get on the show. Can I you come on? And all of a sudden, he's not available to come on the show, these weasels that won't answer questions. Amazing. Isn't it? It's amazing. So we have that. All right. Eight zero eight eight zero five six seven eight I have oh, man. I have more stuff that I wanted to get to as well. But. You know? Let's let's also talk about oh, let's let's do this story. They wanna they wanna hit up the the media. Having orgasms about Michael Cohen in that story. And that's coming up. However, there's a story I've had I'm gonna just talk about it. This is a waste tax dollars. The year this one the nationalists health is spending six hundred twenty thousand dollars to track transgender women of color in New York City. What? Yep. This studies conducted by New York University tracking trans gender women on and off for two years to know the travel patterns of trans women to mobilize HIV prevention efforts. Wait what? So they have to study the travel patterns of transgender women. To mobilize HIV prevention efforts. Do all trans women travel. The same way. In the women's section. Where where what does this even mean? What does he do? This is nothing. The studies recruiting New Yorkers who identify as transgender women, which they define as individuals who were assigned to male sex at birth. But identify as women female trans women, trans female, male or female or another diverse trans feminine gender identity on the spectrum. At spectrum is growing by the day. Isn't it? Yeah. They gotta be between eighteen and fifty five have no plans to move away from New York City within two years carry a small GPS device for two weeks at five points over the next two years. And they're going to measure social networks, and I guess they're trying to figure out if they get HIV or not. Eight. What? Six hundred twenty thousand dollars. My money six hundred twenty thousand dollars for that. Yeah. Oh, let's play one more. Let's play sound by real quick. If you Michael. Todd Young's Republican Senator from Indiana. It's number twelve. He was on morning Joe face with meek is facing whatever. And he had this the stooge Mike barnicle talking to Mike barnicle. He's a crusty old Gajah this guy. I don't know why they have troops on the southwest border. Is just terrible is is terrible. Turns out this. This Republican Senator Todd young is is a marine if number eleven ready, right? He's a marine. I'm sorry. Number twelve twelve number twelve. So it's what it says right there, right? You're good. Yes. Number twelve. So he's marina. And you got to hear the answer yet to hear the question. I left the questioning in there because it's just so so biased you name it. Listen to this. Here we go. Senator I would like your view on troop deployments troop deployments here in the United States. We have thousands of soldiers and marines along the border. They've come from Camp Pendleton, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, all over the country. They've been there for weeks. It looks like they're gonna be there for weeks to come. They're eating 'em are reasoned Thanksgiving Day, they're going to be away from their families again during the Christmas holiday your view on that troop deployment, I'm only smiling because I was deployed is United States Marine on the southern border of the United States. I worked for an unmanned aerial vehicle. Squadron in the Marine Corps, and we were charged with among other things coming up with new doctrine to figure out to secure our southern border. So this is not unprecedented to use the military, especially United States marines in ways that the president would direct a nation that cannot secure its borders. It's often been said is not indeed a nation. There you go. I was there. This is a new. This isn't new. But they act like it is isn't it? That's why people can't stand the media. Are we gonna have a little bit more coming up? You know, what we inches? We'll we'll do the Tucson guy coming up on Monday. We'll do that the border chief. Just just some lawyers. Having the same attitude is about this whole Michael Cohen situation that there's literally nothing there and the media having basically orgasms trying to act as if there something to this Michael Cohen story, you got to hear these. I mean, they basically said what I said is there? Since their lawyers. You can believe them a little bit more. There is nothing here. And I even have one sound bite where Neil kavoodo was trying to figure out. Is there anything really here? Like either should be being told. There's something here. There's nothing here is there. I mean, even even the people that meet some people the meteorology tough time realizing there's nothing there..

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