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The the worst worst like just say like kevin james or something realistic realistic picks i could see somebody like patrick wilson being cast for that yeah yeah oh no i wouldn't i like patrick wilson but not not as kanobi dude i would go that young though i don't think they'll go i feel like you gotta get someone in their forties or something like that i mean look here's the deal they cannot movie unless you've mcgregor's obi there really is no option there isn't an option because first of all the test enough people off with solo to begin with enough people are upset about the last jedi that they should care a little bit even the movie made a zillion dollars just give the people what they fucking they want you mcgregor they want yeah i've scheider i think that that would yeah would be nice if it would be a rob schneider movie in it'll be a job as palace heist movie where news trying to plan a heist from job as palace was the movie rob schneider were that ewing's swab him with a girl high school girl you don't talk all right i know what you're talking about but i don't know the name of the movie some stupid like the big swap i don't remember schick here's here's a list and then we'll move on to question this is a list of from bustle dot com i'm sorry bustle you're the first one i clicked on people who can play obi one in the upcoming spinoff movie if it's not you mcgregor fin wolford.

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