Peter Navarro, White House, TSA discussed on Rush Limbaugh


A former TSA whistle blower J. Brainerd is the top TSA official in Kansas and he's warning security is getting soft because of an increased emphasis on moving people more quickly through security he says he fears something happening that will cost American lives in war to it's not a question of if it's a question of when mark Millie the head of the joint chiefs of staff is responding to reports that US officials have released public statements about the war in Afghanistan which they know to be untrue I know that I and many many others gave assessments at the time based on facts that we knew at the time and those are honest assessments and they were never intended to deceive neither the Congress nor the American people defense secretary more Casper says the US will remain in Afghanistan as long as there is a potential terrorist threat White House trade adviser Peter Navarro predicts a better year ahead for U. S. farmers and ranchers with the anticipated signing of a first phase trade deal with China have seen the details of the agricultural purchases that that did they need to be signed and soul it's a deal and it's a promise of from China to buy those once they sign signed a deal president trump talked with the Chinese president today president she says he thinks the US is undermined relations by waiting if the Chinese internal policies on Wall Street the Dow off one hundred twenty three points hi Mike Moore it's your last chance to get gifts before the holiday and right now at Old Navy everything's up to seventy five.

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