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Near mass the Ted Williams tunnel. Westbound jammed up inside as are both connector tunnels to Mike king WBZ's traffic on the threes. Okay. Thank you. And let's get right to the forecast on with us. Now live is meteorologist dean devore, and I'm looking at the radar looks like some pockets of I think, maybe even a thunderstorm or to my right or wrong on that. I didn't see any reports thunder. But at that is a possibility here Laurie. There's certainly some very heavy rain embedded in some of these vans. That are moving through here. Logan has already picked up a half an inch of rain in just the last two hours. There's even going to be some breaks in this actually, you don't have to far south of the city. You get a little bit of a window. And then another wave of another band. I should say showers and storms coming up into the islands right now. So it's going to be kind of often on the rest of the day in deep into the night. It really doesn't end here till warning. Now, this is essentially a nor'easter they come in all sizes shapes and intensities, it's not terribly intense. But a lot of water with it, and it'll get outta here. Tomorrow morning, just leftover clouds tomorrow fifty five for a high. It's a cold front that could bring us a couple of showers again late tomorrow night Wednesday morning, and then we'll get out later Wednesday with pretty nice afternoon. High sixty three I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Bowers WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio eight. You're the best. Thank you very much right now, we've got rain and fifty three degrees in Boston. New England business in a moment. It's not the most exciting thing. But we all need it insurance. Smaller insurance understands that insurance agent should be someone you trust to protect everything that's important to you. Search smaller insurance in Newton for your home or business coverage plan at smaller insurance dot com. Three twenty five and checking New England business discounted prices on online shopping side, wear Wayfair may not be all they're cracked up to be WBZ's. Jeff brown. Consumer advocate says the savings are way.

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