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Why they did or didn't work out exclusively for PW TORTURE VIP members. All right. Let's let's switch topics here. Well sort of because we got an email. Asking about brock lesser and how he fits into this Brian. H says with the news that brock listener is now a free agent in assuming he does not return to WWe, which is a better fit for him eighty W or new Japan and why Boy what a statement it would be shot if Tony Kahn anti-dope. got. Brock lesser I mean that would send Chris Jericho Jon Moxley. Cody. Okay you know. Then there's Brodie Lee Lance Archer for new Japan. There's been some good signings. FDR bought brock listener is next level. It's at the level of Jericho when Moxley. And because of the shock value of it, probably a little higher because he just. So I. Be the biggest signing ever. Yeah. I mean I would say Moxley Jericho. It would be an interesting conversation to have because if you could only have two out of the three. I think Brockton everyone's to. But if you only have one of the three, I should say every once most people's. You only one of the three bet some people put Jericho Moxie, because they'd be available every week. They'd be full-time. They'd be more easier to work with all that stuff. Jericho's younger but he's probably in it. He's probably more invested in it. So that's an interesting conversation but nevertheless, just the. Fact that a new company starting the empty pockets assign Moxie Jericho was big news but not a shock leshner would. Create shockwaves. So he would have a tremendous impact there, but do you think brock at this point would want to go to new Japan and work the New Japan style at this stage of his life would. I think be great at it. But he might want to dictate the style. So talk about the pros and cons of both in where you think it's better fit for all things considered. I. Think aws better fit because he could do a one off there and. Not have to live up to a certain expectation of a main event match. I don't think I'll think new Japan would WANNA do a five ten minute match on one of their big shows. Crutches get held a long time and I think he you know he left without defending the title. When he used so I'm not sure how keen they are on him these days. But I could find out. The problem. The problem with a W is I don't think boxes interested in having a rematch. Road and Jericho's just not a good fit. I mean they could have a fun comedy style match or something, but you know at this stage. Would he be? You know what I mean? Yeah. Would you Guys. Syndrome of guys siding with the number two company for big money and then just as Booker T. sort of admitted country clubbing it. For the. Not to say. You know say ws a country club but No I'm saying that's how that's how big name wrestlers treat it. Treated TNA lessner would have the clout to show up and driving everybody nuts. The other problem is if it's not those two who I mean, a cody in listener would be huge Awa context than it to me that'd be the match you do but otherwise you know you're looking at a Brodie Lee Lance Archer, Brian Cage, and the next level. There's an their number, their second tier guys in Awa compared to cody Moxley and Jericho Kenya Omega. would be right there with cody may be higher than cody actually but I don't say him first because he just hasn't gotten that kind of a push w yet where I think the AWA audience that they've gained in in the last year would look at that is a dream match because Kenny's just been a background guy I mean, let let's do works best with guys. You can throw you know what I mean and. And I just. I it's not a roster. Wise. It's just not a great matchup given where they're aws biggest talent or situated on the roster currently. It's the more you talk about the more. You know it makes sense to me that the only place he goes is. WWe If he wrestles at all in terms of. Fit between the WANNA I mean new Japan I just. You know the same thing stylistically. Amin, that'd be a huge departure for what they do have someone come in and you know what? I mean have a five ten minute match it just be. Shocking you know a main event five, ten minute match, but just be yeah. Yeah the shock you know I'm trying to think of. stylistically Okada. That would be really interesting. That would. The that that would pique my interest rattle off. Okay. Here's my w top five be Kenny. Cody. Archer. Brodie. Lee. and. If I got I'm I'm trying to forgetting somebody. Yeah, they just like I'm hesitant to say that. The WRESTLEMAINIA. Heat there you know. I just don't think box this Moxley sandbox into have leser start dictating to him I just think it would blow up behind the scenes unless unless they had unless they were able to talk out but I I just don't I interview Moxie about it and I talked to him about listener and there's I think there's a level resentment there were moxie would there'd be chips on both shoulders and work. So my top five sort of I mean I'd say Moxie number five, but as with all those this gigantic asterisk. Personality can work out WHO's your new Japan top five. Okada. The Scene Work Okada. stylistically, I'm trying to think after Okada..

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