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Deputy fbi chief is out and lisa brady fox news andrew mccabe has been one of the officials accused by president trump of having a possible conflict of interest in the russia pope now he stepping down ahead of a planned retirement white house spokeswoman sarah sanders moments ago we've seen the numerous ports as all of you have and any specifics i can tell you none of this decision was made by that of the white house in a specifics i would refer you to the fbi who i believe will be make a statement later today the white house has denied recent reports that the president had asked mccabe who we voted for when he became acting fbi director for a time after the president fired james comey as fbi chief meantime the new fbi chief is reviewing a classified memo that some against won't release about government surveillance on the trump campaign fox's jared halpern live on capitol hill in the department of justice asserts house intelligence committee republicans knocked the publicly release this fourpage memo drafted by gop lawmakers outlining what they allege is abuse of fis of warrants the intel committee could vote later today however to release that memo president trump would then have five days to object top committee democrats call the memo misleading an effort to undermine the russia investigation democrats say they may release their own memo later today lisa feared the cleveland indians are dropping their controversial mascot next season beginning in 2019 no longer will chief wahoo be seen on the indians uniforms or on banners or signs at their home stadium progressive field still consumers will be able to buy items with the chief wahoo logo at the team souvenir shop cbs at the stadium as well as in retail outlets and the northern ohio market but these items will not be for sale at mlb website fox's jared max cleveland has used that logo for seven decades vaccines pair and now the clock is ticking every day you put out by life insurance can cost you big.

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