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President trump's impeachment trial is around the corner so's his State of the Union. The Iowa caucuses and then this election in season finally begins in earnest by mid February that one week mic war we had with Iran might be all but a distant memory for most host but not so much for the families of Ukraine International Airlines flight. Seven five two for them. The fallout from the beef with Iran is just starting to ramp up on the show today. We're going to tell the story of what exactly happened as far as we know to this plane and what's to come for all the countries involved Canada Ukraine Iran. Maybe even the United States. Justin Ling is a freelance journalist based in Toronto. He's been covering the story for foreign policy so on January eighth just a little over a week ago amid a lot of tensions in the Middle East just as has Iran was firing a barrage of missiles toward the American military bases in Iraq. You Creating Airlines international flight. Seven fifty two took off from Tehran destined didn't for Kiev and then a lot of the passengers were destined to go on to Toronto. We're learning that a Boeing seven. Three seven passenger plane has crashed in Iran. On with one hundred and seventy six passengers and crew on board those on board included academics returning from holidays newlyweds coming back from their wedding and many many students students. They came from Iran Canada Ukraine Sweden Afghanistan Germany and England. One hundred thirty eight of them were supposed to be on a connecting flight to Toronto. It landed this afternoon without those people. All of them died in the crash. Now there's a whole bunch of confusion as was happening There were reports of a plane. Crash Ashby this was happening. The exact same time there were fears that American Fighter jets were taking off from the UAE elsewhere may be destined for Iran. There was a men's men's confusion about the aware the missiles were going. What fighter jets may have been scrambled? So no one really knew what was happening. It wasn't until we started getting images of this wreckage is that as the hours went on. It became clear that this commercial flight had gone down. So how does Iran initially react to this plane going down. What did they say so? When it becomes clear that in fact a commercial jet had gone down in Iran before anyone really knew fully what had happened Iranian media reports say the aircraft came down to technical problems? One official said it had been on fire. There wasn't a lot a lot of credibility behind that especially shortly after images started coming out that we're initially unverified. Seem about who was showing what appeared to be the plane on fire her mid-flight before it crashed in a field. That generally doesn't seem to happen a lot with engine failure. You don't see a huge explosion. I have my suspicions. It was. It's very I don't want to say that because other people have those suspicions also It's a tragic thing when I see that it's a tragic thing Somebody could've made a mistake on the other side could've could've made a mistake. It was flying. It was already from the get go. There was a lot of speculation that this has been a military incident a not a mechanical failure. Most Western leaders are unanimous in their assessment that missiles launched in Iran brought down on the doomed plane but today Tehran demanding proof so while Iran is denying that this is their work wetter Ukraine canvassing about it publicly publicly. Ukraine was quiet Ukraine managed to get investigators to the crash site relatively quickly Seemingly quicker than any other foreign state that's because under international national civil aviation laws. The destination country has special rights when it comes to the investigation. They have a higher standing when it comes to sending investigators to the crash rush site and Iran dispatched a number of highly trained investigators to look at the crash site and it seems thanks reporting now that the investigators learned pretty quickly clear that this was a shootdown event. They kept that quiet. Initially Candido was a little more blunt. Time went on. We have intelligence from multiple multiple sources including our allies and our own intelligence. The evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an Iranian surface surface to air missile. This may well have been unintentional. He opened the door and said listen. This may be an accident. We don't know but he said you know the intelligence. It's pretty clear cut so very quickly. I think. Put Iran on the defensive as they're still trying to claim that this was a mechanical failure so how Iran react to Canada's aggressive aggressive reaction. You had the head of the Iranian civil aviation organisation saying that they had already investigated that they completely ruled out the possibility that missiles were to blame for downing the jet families of those killed in the downed plane in Iran are facing competing narratives. Tonight about what led to the deaths of their loved ones. Iran does not believe what that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said yesterday about an Iranian missile shooting down the Ukraine Airlines flight categorically denies it. But of course there's video evidence of if these missiles heading towards the plane. It's very very clear what had happened. Based on cell phone imagery that was uploaded and that was collected in some cases by the New York Times and others I I think it became pretty clear to Iran that they didn't have a leg to stand on. Does Iran come out and make an official statement saying hey that was actually us us and sorry relied on. Iranian state. Media certainly recognized that it wasn't fact the Iranian regime. That doesn't really happen happen unless the regime itself acknowledgement Iran now faces pressure not just from America of course with whom it had a rising tensions over recent weeks weeks but now it has a problem with Canada with Ukraine with the European Union and suddenly after trying to garner some international goodwill it is now very much regarded as is the bad guy. Not only did it shoot down a plane. It tried to lie about it and that is very difficult. I think for the Iranian regime to spin to the European countries. He's with whom it's trying to preserve a nuclear deal on top of that. You have rising discord inside Iran itself. There's anger at the government on the streets in Tehran. Pockets of protest. After Ron's military admitted is accidentally shot down a civilian plane. They shout for their leaders to resign. There were widespread protests in Iran or the end of last year largely over the cost of living thing as the new year dawned a lot of those protests petered out partially because of fear I think internally that they were heading to the precipice of war with America especially after the targeted killing of General Somali. I think the Iranian regime's managed to rally some of the population around. You know it's national. 'cause is that went out the window when it became clear that Iran was responsible for shooting down a jet that had dozens of its own citizens on board. So what is Iran doing now to own this. In recent days you've seen the state start rounding up. Some people with detail who they claim are responsible for the shootdown Iran now confirming that arrest happy made of those involved in the accidental shooting. Down of that play no details. How how many or exactly who has been arrested food and this morning? Iran's President Ronnie admitting the from the get-go he taught the crash wasn't normal. That does seem to be a bit of scapegoating. You know sort of trying to blame blame a rogue faction or you know some incompetent military brass inside but I don't know that many in the public are really going to buy that. I mean fundamentally mentally military structures being what they are. You can't really blame the lowest level. For a mistake of this magnitude ultimately someone higher up needs to be held responsible if non the military the state itself was there any attempt to shift the blame back on the United States. Yeah absolutely I mean. That was kind of quick retort from Tehran. After they recognized they of themselves were responsible for down this airliner. They sort of put it back onto Washington and said you know if not for the hostilities spurred by America this never would have happened and surely Canada isn't too happy with the United States. Either I think if there were no tensions if there was no escalation recently in the region. those Canadians would be right now with their families This is something that happens when when you have conflict and war innocence bear the brunt of Ed Canadian citizens were represented more than any others. There's in the international community on that flight and I think it puts it on Canada to step in and and ensure that there is a credible investigation for one but also credible so You know legal process thus far it's been a mixed bag. Iran initially said that the black boxes were damaged and couldn't be read. Now they're saying either damaged but they're still data on them and just recently we've seen them seemingly acquiesced to a request to send the boxes to France for analysis so it remains to be seen in how to what end they're going to allow military commanders to be interviewed by investigators. That will be a huge piece of this puzzle. It's not not clear whether or not they're going to participate in potentially process at the International Court of Justice. All those things down the line are big questions. That will be very interesting to see how ron response to.

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