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And this is the Roma podcast. I'm your host Cameron Strang in here with me in our arlando studios. Jesse kerry? The person. The ones in twos are luscious engineer. My brother challenge during the Lou on the Skype line from Nashville, Tennessee Tyler Huckabee. Hey, everybody in just down the road where the internet finally works. Twenty minutes ago. Author speaker podcast cowgirl extrordinary any f- downs. Get more than what a day. We have a great show store. Few today. Coming up later Francis. Chan joins us we got him out of hiding. I know this was really a loose of. He is a lunatic assess what found a where he was talking about a lot. He was in the holy land. He was in the holy land. Just said this like after you kinda knew mother like this. Not not avoid. But there isn't like these standout video teaching series releasing one eight part series on the book of Mark Bright filmed live in the holy land. He literally does one of the teachings while standing in the Jordan river. I got to watch a bunch of this the other day, and they were like you wanna talk France about let me check it out. Let me vet this. Oh, we need to talk. It is incredible. You're gonna hear about. Sending a relevant roving reporter to find like the general in the movie the grizzled old the sharpshooter out for one last mission. You. This little hut in the holy land. Francis. Wylie? I mean, like he'll get all successful have a big ministry, and then he goes, and he'll vanish vanish for like a year. What you guys are describing is basically the plot of Rambo four when missionaries are captured in Cambodia, and that is where no way to rainbow. Glisten? This is how they sell one goes to find Rambo who is a professional Cobra hunter at this point. That is literally live in a shack any hunts cobras professionally and he has to decide whether he takes the mission Raymond much Knox. I'm sorry. Hey, we mute her as a penalty. No penalties for not growing up with most of most of the the missionary houses shakers are killed with Rambos bare hands, and it is a it's the movie is hard are. Grounds of graphic graphic violence. The good nineteen eighties. Hard are the hardest star. I apologize to you guys. Recording in the morning, and I'm very tired, and I can't shake it. I've had all the caffeine of had the breakfast. I've I can't shake it like the clouds the behind Isaac you just sleep. No. I'm just tired late out of it while I was watching DVR the bachelor and the Vanderbilt roles, you know, this is user, but this user errors. But it's boring. You know, it's the second screen situation for me when I do those, you know, and I didn't have my laptop out. So I I saw Phil around on my phone ended up getting into it with an internet troll. Read all of that time was this. Did you do that? Okay. Before we go into it. Because I actually I I saw. First of all, I haven't reread it. It was a late night situation for me and whole lot of knows case. So I think we all might have a brief take on us. We don't need to belabor it. But I m. On my Instagram sills. It's gone by now so came and why don't you just give us a brief synopsis? I don't read the relevant comments. We talk about this famously guy. Just ignorance, right? Yeah. Well, somebody apparently commented on one of relevance posts addressing knee by name in a person saw that in tag me and said to the guy you're a coward. Why didn't you like why don't you actually tag him? You know, if you're gonna talk about somebody shown, they shouldn't the bat signal in this. I got the notification it has landed night. Now, the bats the bachelor is getting a little mooring. I see my name pop up. I check it out. Yeah. Okay. I mistake. That was the first mistake implying that that happened at eight pm last night when the actual Zahn. DVR in it. Late at night. Usually, this is what a and bachelor viewing got catch up four souls. You know what I'm saying? And apparently, you guys thanks a lot for first of all you guys posted the very controversial Gillette commercial about being a dad like having a son not a bully before..

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