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The flyers three one flames got by the Sabres for three a shootout goes to the hurricane three two over the sharks Blackhawks top the Bruins in overtime for three islanders a three two win over the golden knights baseball minor free agent signing with twins are happy to hold out a Michael Pineda two years and twenty million dollars let's look for backup outfield help and they found some astro sent vigorously to York in exchange for a pair of minor league prospects again Thursday night football goes to the bears thirty one twenty four all with the Dallas Cowboys and I'm Mike McCann can anyone stop Ohio state how about the undefeated Ellis who Tigers for will defending champs Clinton rise to number one your home for the best college football talk is CBS sports radio you already listen to us now follow us extra sports thirteen hundred on Twitter Instagram and Facebook while others may be content living rooms continue wants to put a stop to them I think they're just always bad I think it's every game every week I think they have a real problem and they will never ever it's an ongoing nightmare this guy's life it seems like he's just walking on the land mines is literally a soap opera yeah just one bad day after the next I mean how annoying is this guy you have to be such a narcissist or so self absorbed to like do this every night I don't even want to deal with it I just want someone to punch in the face these useful read along the way.

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