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Another comedy episode of our miss brooks written by al noise. Well as of you may remember last night. Was new year's eve like everyone else. Our miss brooks who teaches english at madison. High school had looked forward to celebrating with considerable anticipation. But as the poet robert burns put the best laid plans of mice and men gang after glade. I don't know about the men. But i'm certainly one of the mice robbie had in mind because last night ganged up on my lay. Everything started off normally enough saturday morning as i joined my landlady at the breakfast table heated county. Here's some tomato juice he will do you. Good what is this a down payment on tomorrow morning. Then eat tomorrow. Not if you come to my party tonight. What kind of party. Having mrs davis very quiet. Connie i just asked some of the neighbors into listen to the radio and maybe dan to be. It'll be a nice relaxed evening. Of course. I am having some ilk with the refreshments. Who's helping you ninety the bartender from mulligans salou that should lead to a very relaxed evening earlier than you think he'd not to serve. And if we ski you ever. Since he's been working for mister mulligan barney's insisted on having new years eve all why is that he can't stand drunks. Johnny likes nothing better than to drop over here and naked. A little friendly bola punch. If i remember correctly connie you sampled some the bundy's punch last year. I almost did. Mrs davis somebody jostled me as i was about to drink some i spilled it on my black evening gown. I don't remember that at all. I do it started a run. My dress rating dear. It was a very mild mixture. Right we even dip lead fingers into the punch after a while. I know and a little while after that lady fingers were diving into the bowl. I'm just teasing you davis. I'd like nothing better than the share. A little punch with you tonight. But i probably have a date with mr barrington. Hasn't the sgi county or you know. Mr born takes him a week to get enough courage to speak up. You'd think he'd know where he stands by now. Dropped him enough hints. Have those in just yesterday. I told him. I thought there was nothing. Quite as exciting as the scent of an orchid the popping of champagne. Corks you think. It'll work canny indubitably. Mrs davis you'll probably take into a florist shop and that means smell an orchid while he cracks his knuckles. Isn't the big spender. The world is economy. no. I think there's a maharaja in india who spends eight or nine dollars a week more trauma. Mr boynton is a schoolteacher. He probably just gets. Who can that be come on in. He needs to steal real common. Yes thanks good morning. Miss brooks versus david mr boy now. Isn't that a coincidence. Mr boynton i was just going to clear the table and clear out. What's coincidental about that. Now she's got a good reason to see you later. Take your time dear. Well mr boynton. This is rather a surprise visit books. I guess it is want a cup of coffee. All right keeps pretty hot in this percolator. thank you. That was fun. What do we do now tonight. Is you know his new year's eve miss brooks yes. I know it's a one night in the year. I believe in celebrating. You see the bachelor can have especially bachelor. Schoolteacher is to really let go once in. Awhile might also be fun to hold on once in a while. Shocked withdraw the statement. Strike that from the record. Clark one thing. I'm grateful for his brooks is in. Our relationship has always been completely honest and above board. I can talk to you straight from the shoulder. You said they can mr by. I don't have to beat around the bush now. You don't. I can come right to the point without stalling. I hear you talking. I don't have to mask my real intentions with lettuce pseudo. Diplomacy never know pseudo. Diplomacy what. I'm trying to say miss brooks as well several weeks ago. I promised to attend to biologists club. New year's eve party at the club jamboree tonight. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun. Miss divine why. I'm sure it will be. But the ticket cost five dollars miss brooks and well i only had enough for the one when i bought it and since then i've had some unexpected holiday expenses and just haven't been able to afford another one of course i'd love to ask you to join me tonight but i couldn't very well invite you to pay your ticket. Could you could that. I couldn't pay for it. I mean i've had some holiday expenses of my own. Mr biden two whole weeks of eating charlie. sarah terribly. sorry. It won't be together his books. As a matter of fact i i suspected your justice brokers i am. That's why i came over to see you now. What do you mean mr biden. Happy new year. Miss brooks same deal mr biden and thank you for a lovely morning all right now. Let all lang zayn. And this'll be the earliest. I've ever folded on new year's stopping annoyed brookshire. I'll be thinking about tonight from a minute. I sit down and that nightclub and pick up my noisemaker thanks mister. I'll be thinking of you to denied soon as i sit down by the window and blow my tin horn. I guess i better be running along now. Get cleaned up the big night. Yes you do that. Mr by and i've got to help me davis with the dishes. Forgive me if i don't chase you walk you to the door. Certainly well see you next year. They say don't take any wooden biologist. Now that's just dandy dandy. Connie we'd used to go home to rest. We'd got a big night ahead of the. We've got a big night ahead of him. Mr biden is going to the biologist party alone. Mrs davis alone but the play. Connie he just can't afford to take me with him. The tickets are five dollars a copy. I had five dollars. i could. Mrs davis i'd be happy to connie you would of course but i haven't got a quarter. I spent nine entire budget for this week on. Tonight's party oh well just the same davis no sense in worrying about it. I guess new year's eve is just another night. Maybe that's mr boynton again kidney shaped in the kitchen come on the doors still open. Good morning miss brooks mr conklin. What fortuitous circumstance brings madison's esteemed principle the abode of a lowly faculty member. You've seen your share of charlie and movies. Having if you could give me miss brooks i shall skirt the preliminaries and get right to the point. Vastly mrs conklin is visiting her sister. Who has a touch of rheumatism in philadelphia. Too bad place to get it..

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