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Contest. The morning show continues now with Brian Sussman. Okay. Good morning to you. All right. Let's get to some of the other stories the news. Seven minutes past eight o'clock, our time some of the other stories include. Well, we love our fast food on this show. You know that? There is only one I posed this quiz during our five o'clock hour and every failed everyone fail the one fast food chain with baked potatoes. I can see somebody in your car's. Right. I know it's like, I don't know baked potatoes. What right. And then they're saying. So like is. His outback steakhouse a fast food restaurant. No, no, no, no Applebee's. Right. Right. Because that's the kind of thing. You're you're thinking of a sit down order take your time. But maybe it's chain. I've talked to fast food chain fast food. It's wendy's. I will say I don't think eating a baked potato and the card be very safe. Yeah. How do you do that? You like a burrito. If you can eat a taco in the car, you go you go earn. Well, think about it. Really a baked potato split down the middle a lot like a taco. Yeah. You're right. Okay. Fair enough potential for stuff all it out yet. Right. Car because that's going to go everywhere. I know today I'm going to Wendy's baked potato the the baked potato is every Wendy's location has it because they've got the equipment to do it. You gotta have the oven. And you've got to have the time. Yeah. It takes an hour to bake. What are these things, and they're, you know? How does it get any more natural than a baked potato? Now. It's a potato for quite do potatoes. A week that sell a million a week. Wow. It's it's a huge revenue builder for the company. They're the old. They've got a quarter on the market. But. If you think about this. If you do the potato loaded with cheese and even the bacon bits. It's four hundred eighty calories as opposed to a medium order of fries, which is four hundred twenty calories. And with you know, you're you're getting something that's a healthier option. I love it. I'm doing it today. Please. Am actually.

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