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Four seven three seven eight zero seven nine seven to get four seven three seven eight zero seven night seven a you're listening in the house gartner news ninety six five dude first for breaking news weather and traffic twenty four hours a day live team coverage starts now eight thirty in news ninety six five w d over foaming breaking news whose shower a deadly shooting involving a police officer happened in an apartment complex off clyde boris boulevard in poured orange somebody gaggero officers fired upon our officers are fired back virtually pursers deceased the city's police chief thomas from telling gentle line the fdle used investigating we're working to learn the name of the person who was killed it turns for traffic alerts plenty of sunshine around today we are going to see our temperatures climbing into the lower 80s from channel nine eyewitness news i'm meteorologist eboni dion i'm before we got sunshine sixty six in orlando house with kenan jared can to use a just a couple of minutes gore's we're all over the story yesterday plane making it emergency landing on i four in longwood during rushhour okay all right all right we're gonna put it on a highway no injuries the plane was taken to boynton beach unprecedented security measures are stretched along the route of tomorrow's new york city marathon race use on just five days after the bike path terror rampage that killed eight people in lower manhattan told about the new gop tax bill.

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