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Had a really solve side his they gave a story was writing science fiction they were those story called her way and do you have that book by any chance at lee road yet it yeah will you be published because i love science fiction we had that in common and actually my publisher heads public it's called letters is the sideboard has my sciencefiction story in it in in the back at least science fiction story per week we have we've got it published i'm so proud of my publisher we're doing that gold letters to the cyborg original work before trim i have it all at skopje worth of sorts since may eleven 63 dr berry servants now i read the book called dr mary's makia had their mom had that was all about using monkey bars now you hear about this mk ultra mind control in all this is what it really is is monkey kidney monkey kid the that's what they used murai the mk of mk ultra and people laugh at you but that's exactly why was from that group mars for mindcontrol in eluded acronym that was huge lacey a but those acronyms could be used other ways yes sir but yeah you really through when at me from the hang on would expect the uh we we're working very hard people say how can you be like that remember i came from florida where i sell those tuning rumbling down deke websites all live close going down to key west dummy we were on the brink of everything and the bay of pigs i had been taught by anticastro friends okay how horrible kennedy was i'd i'd martin kennedy was highschool bit by the time i reach a florida university florida and all these friends were telling me and i dated you know leave with surprised at how much i knew and that's why he and others thought i was in on the secret side i hit the agents for example tony lopez percent with me of cuba's finance minister rupel says for skit you'd had to flee the united states was look it was an american so i came with all kinds of prejudices lucy arca you.

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