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WBZ news time five twenty one degree above zero on this Martin Luther King's birthday celebration. It's the twenty first of January twenty nineteen good morning. I'm sitting in for Steve Simpson on the WC CEO morning news Super Bowl fifty three coming up in less than two weeks. And we know who's singing the national anthem Gladys. Knight singing, the star spangled banner at Super Bowl fifty three the seven time Grammy award winner says she's proud user voice to unite and represent our country in her hometown of Atlanta. The seventy four year old and the pips were inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame in nineteen ninety six or hits include midnight train to Georgia. Then what that's what friends are for maroon five we'll be joined by big boy, Atlanta based rapper from outcast and Travis Scott during the halftime performance. CBS broadcast is your Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots from Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta on February third Super Bowl fifty three. A witness has described how he helped Queen Elizabeth. The seconds husband out of his car after it rolled over in an accident on a busy road known for safety issues in eastern England motorist ROY warned and told BBC that he helped Prince Philip out of his Land Rover through either the sun roof or the windscreen naturally came to rest on its side. And Thursday's accident asked if the prince was trapped Warne said, yes, he was I asked him to move his left leg and that freed his right leg. And then I helped him get out the ninety seven year old prince was checked by a doctor and after the accident, and he was determined to be fine by coincidence. Authorities in the area had planned to consider lowering the speed limit in that area on Friday the day after the accident. A man has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for the fatal stabbing of actor. Morgan Freeman step granddaughter in New York City. Prosecutors say twelve thirty three-year-old Lamar Davenport stabbed his girlfriend bien a Heinz multiple times in August twenty fifteen while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Davenport issued an apology during a sentencing hearing and said I don't remember what happened. Davenport was convicted of first degree manslaughter in may Hines was an aspiring actress and played a small role in the movie five flights up along with freemen. And Diane Keaton Freeman said in a statement after her death. That's the world would never know her artistry and her talent his publicist previously said that while Hines was Freeman step granddaughter. He referred to her as his granddaughter the late founder of the dead. Poet's society of America is now a published poets while alive. Walter scold traveled to graveyards across the country to call attention to the states poets and the poetry one of his criteria was poet had to be published. Now Skuld himself is becoming a published poet on the one year anniversary of his death. He died at the age of fifty seven from a heart attack. His sons curated skulls poem for the book the mirror is not cracked skull visited the final resting places of more than six hundred poets before his own death on January twentieth. Two thousand eighteen his son say that honoring him with a book on his death seems fitting. They say that since their father is now a published poet he can officially be honored by the dead poet's society..

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