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Accountable for shooting down our drone and accountable with military counterstrike but i also think that the president's restraint and the follow cyber strike and sanctions the probably mollified those who disagreed with the the lack of kinetic response for now pretty clear that we have i think that much more strength behind a connecticut response if and when we do get there what's the worst case scenario in your mind we're speaking daniel hoffman everybody's former senior c._i._a. officer and also fox news contributor daniel what's worse case scenario if the iranians decide to really push really push it with us i mean how far do you think they'd be willing to go with were they sank in oil-tanker where they actually go for it well look there's a couple of red lines here that i think we need to be called the first one is if it run enriches uranium to weapons grade levels less concerned about them stockpiling lobe regu- raynham they've done that i think they've reached the limit established at j._c._p. away but enriching uranium to weapons grade levels of great concern to us as well as our allies starting with israel not to mention saudi arabia among others secondly would be as you point out a connecticut strike against the u._s. tanker where servicemen and women are not what it risks but maybe killed then there's gonna be a response and the president has been clear and general david portraying outside observer who knows quite a lot about war fighting has said to the iranians amongst tall of said look don't take this administration the trump administration lending when they say they the president said respond respond until i think concern for me neither country wants war that wouldn't be an inch we're going back and forth over leverage trying to seek out and gain leverage in advance patient negotiations in that process is at times but we need at all costs i think to avoid war but the iranians are in a tough way for and we've got a boost on their growth even more than we ever had in the obama administration and i felt we took our office for then precipitously we should've waited if they enrich the uranium up to go from the three to the twenty percent that we know it's pretty fast jump to get up to ninety if they go beyond the parameters of the deal which now we're not still in but we know what the parameters are that are acceptable to us regardless of whether we're in the the you know j. j._c._p. l._a. Should we strike the reactors? Is that the move? we need to do before that is have serious discussions with our ally and agree on that as red line and then discuss if a righty of options we would want to take with our allies i think it's important that we bring in your p._i._n. ally russia was a trojan horse in j._c._p. away we're involved but my goodness they don't have our best interests at heart at the very least we need to be locked up with our european allies you in particular on that and we also need to get back channel message to the iranians rules of engagement warn them if you enrich uranium to weapons grade levels we will respond accordingly we don't have to tell them how we're going to respond but we need to let them know that we're going to respond and we could be very public about that in other words administration could tell the audience and then could as their baby administration has been known to do inform our media that this is what has been said this is what has transpired so the world knows that does they're gonna face the response and not gonna be a cyber attack on stack you know it might be something quite different daniel often everybody daniel thank you so much for joining us appreciate your expertise pleasure look for the next time All right team. A quick break. We'll be back with role. Call all your thoughts, all things all the good things can just a moment. news radio k._l._b._j. i'm eric like trump campaign manager paul manafort formerly charged in.

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