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Online Trading Academy. Lance, welcome back. Thank you. I've been doing a lot of stories for the end of the year. And I want to talk to you about volatility. So we've been kind of a Goldilocks zone in. The market's volatility is courses when markets behave unpredictably up and down massive swings in the last couple of months, and they usually you see that activity during a recession or downturn. But with Online Trading Academy system that doesn't really matter. You kind of take some of the worry out of L that volatility, right? Yeah. There you always have to respect and be careful when you're trading the markets, and we don't claim to have the secret magic formula to do it. But there's ways to handle volatility. Let's take a minute to explain to our listeners. Really what that means volatility. It just means somewhat seemingly random fluctuations in the market going up and down. What's more volatility? They go wilder and with small volatility. It's kind of a coil. The coil is all all titan and expands Tyler also. To understand is where in that volatility. New place you buy orders alert replace place yourself. Patented process on how we do that United States patent. If they come see me one of my glasses. They can write down the number, Alex. Of course, I am doing year end stories, but I have to look ahead into next year too. And that's probably a pretty good time to kind of take control of your financial. Let's say financial goals destinies, maybe not the fees. You're paying to somebody to give you advice that you might be able to learn yourself after this free introductory seminar with Online Trading Academy who do who are you seeing coming to these classes, and do you see an uptake in interest at the beginning of the year? Yes, we do. Our busiest time where everybody just makes resolutions that they're gonna lose weight or are they gonna L? In better shape. Or who knows? What about a lot of people say, hey, you know, we're the yours by I better figure out how to get my finances and shocking. So that you know, I don't mind up. You know, drive an Uber live on social security when I'm ninety. We only do that. Yeah. The gig economy, not really for everybody. Let's say okay, eighty exactly so new year you have physical fitness goals. And I'm going to do a radio trick into fiscal fitness goals. What what does that what does that first class like, Lance? I've taken it with you. But could you describe it with your words? It's real LOKI. Relocating non pressure were school, and.

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