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That's just super exciting for the sport. And we're really happy. How twenty eighteen ended up? We're the airplane geeks. So let's get geeky firm moment. What telemetry are the aircraft's sending you? So in race control. Which is basically the the CIC the information center, if you will of the entire event, we have really kind of two groups in there. One is the aviation side and one is the event production side. So from telemetry side what the planes are sending me or the ABA Shen group that's in race control items that we think about from safety in aviation perspectives. But then also from sporting perspective. And so the telemetry that comes to us that we use that we take immediately that would go into judging scenario would be g and airspeed. So we get a mediate indication of an over g situation and we get. Of course, they're they're airspeed throughout the entire race. You're getting airspeed where are you getting the airspeed from it's actually from the GPS side of positional data. If you will if you look at how elaborate our ghost track is, right? That's really what has sophisticatedly advanced are positional data because we want that to be super super accurate, right? We want that to make sure that if you're looking at it in your were using it from spectators perspective as a who's winning who's writing? Seeing the ghost images that you project. Exactly. So that ghost image. It's real critical from a credibility perspective that that's accurate, right? You don't want in real life for the plane to fly through the finish gate, and then the go specter to come in second. But then all of a sudden the guy behind XY has the faster time that would really damage the credibility of the whole system. So a lot of effort and time and expense at cetera has gone to that positional at data. And so that actually what is also what helps calibrate all of our other. Airspeed G force all that type of stuff is coming from this super complex. Gee, whiz box called a p p r you that's in the aircraft. All right. So the pilot though has to be on his skill part. He's flying off of indicated airspeed. So he's having to calibrate that quite indicated. He's he's seeing the same thing. We're seeing also we have a screen. He's not just looking at a at a pneumatic airspeed indicator in his plane. He's looking at a digital readout that exact same as us. So again from a sporting perspective. We don't want him to be looking at something different than us. We want everybody to be looking at the exact same number. So the big screen, and they can set it up differently depending on the pilot. What his desires are just like a heads up display in a fighter you, can you can pick and choose how you want certain things done and in the g force lights, etc. So that's that's where the pilot has some choice. But. He's looking at the exact same number that we're looking at in all of his all of his data. How are you transmitting that from the aircraft to the ground is that x what part of the spectrum different radio? What are you doing? Did. You know, you're getting out of my level of expertise. That's our technical group. That is actually the ones that are on. That are putting the boxes in the airplanes. All I know is the race director is that it's accurate. It's exactly what the pilot is looking at it goes into this fancy box, and then this fancy box since it down to my screen, and then I get to evaluate what's going on. And then judge both from what I see outside. In addition to what I see digitally. Okay. Now as the rare race director, are you acting as the air boss or does your boss work for you? How's that is? So we call it a race. Director in the red areas. And I'm responsible if you if you're trying to compare it to something like an air show, the there's an air boss function to my job as so air boss is part of what I do in the sense of IM controlling the air side of things. But in addition to that, I also have a safety hat on from sporting perspective, and his sporting hat on in the sense that the judges are assisting me, and I'm calling somebody knock it off..

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