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Lake Tahoe supplemental police report filed on March twenty fifth nineteen seventy both subjects came forward after seeing a television newscast stating the zodiac killer had sought his twelfth victim in the Tahoe area two women had filed police reports after wondering at the strange man they'd encountered might be the zodiac killer the first report was filed by Mary Highlander a blackjack dealer I don't know I hop Mary met a man with a horn rimmed glasses he offered to reader horoscope telling her he was an expert at the studio he said the reading would take time and asked for her number when he called her later he told her that he had to give her the reading in person Mary arranged to meet him at our house but something felt all so she invited her friend Nancy over when the man arrived he seemed annoyed and Nancy's presence he looked in Nancy indicating that he wished she would leave him alone with Mary Nancy status hearing to leave her friend alone on the subject he stated he had recently read a chart the murderer continue talking about the subject seemingly preoccupied with death the man was very evasive about questions asked of him by both women in another woman reported a strange encounter that also occurred around the time of Donna lasses disappearance that woman I wish to remain anonymous said that a man sat down next to her at a pizza parlor and struck up a conversation about zodiac signs he told her he sold real estate and said that a woman he'd been watching it worked would quote be sorry for rejecting him the anonymous woman at the pizza parlor felt unnerved and made up an excuse to leave Hines was intrigued by the police reports so we interviewed three of lasses former co workers he asked if there was anyone in the lasses life you seem suspicious or shown a particular interest in our I asked the same basic questions of each person I spoke with without exception each person promptly gave me the name of Larry Kane they all agreed Cain and Donna last knew each other they said he was mostly a loner they described him as being strange he was forty to forty five years old had dark hair green glasses and has sort of a pot belly I asked if they knew we worked for now and they say that they did not now but thought perhaps for an Alan M. doors the manager Arizona real estate at the time that the victim lass disappeared and although Hines was working the case in his free time he used his connections as a police officer to determine Kane has moved to Lake Tahoe from San Francisco right around the time of lasses disappearance Kane had multiple social security numbers and names on fire he's been arrested ten times between nineteen forty six and nineteen sixty eight including for battery probation report from nineteen sixty four said Cain had sustained brain damage after a head on collision with a cement truck port cities injury was serious and that his recent involvements with the law indicated a quote lack of control in self gratification and scientific studies show the people who've experienced head trauma can become more likely to commit violent crimes Hines now had a suspect but he still had no clue what happened to dawn alas he turned back to the zodiacs card what did it mean pass Lake Tahoe areas and why did it say Sierra Club or those freezes clues as to the location of lasses body after leaving the police department I spent several hours studying the postcard in driving around the lake I began to notice several signs marking local ski areas and the postcard made a reference to areas he decided to follow the postcards directions he drove out of Lake Tahoe past the ski areas and spent hours trying to find a location somehow related to the Sierra Club I drove north of Lake Tahoe and found the clear cabin lodge was private club for Sierra Club members online after getting out of my car and walking up the driveway I realized the scene was not unlike the picture depicted on the Sony hack postcard I took pictures of the area without making contact with anyone at the club I then left and returned to my motel room I believe if I follow the directions on the postcard I would find don alas I believe she was buried Sierra Club Hines had now identified came as a suspect and he located a Sierra Club outside Tahoe that matched the postcards description so Hines returned to the club to investigate you learn that the town's old postmaster Mister Fredericks stumbled upon a strange area out in the woods behind the club Frederick said he thought it was a burial site made out of logs he described it to me as a circle fourteen feet in diameter and within the circle was a six foot by six foot square a triangle within all these made by careful placement of locks within the triangle was across like that of a grave marker made from thirteen stones Mister Fredericks related that he was very frightened but he was convinced it was a great side took pictures of it the postmaster let Hines out to the site we dug a cone shaped hole within the center of the six by six foot area to a depth of approximately four to five feet no human remains were located however indications were at some earlier point in time the ground had been disturbed down several feet at this point because of lack of time I had to return to but Hines wasn't ready to give up he was still convinced the cane was a promising suspect Hines learns that shortly after lasses disappearance Kane and moved to Las Vegas and so Hines to went to Las Vegas to investigate he asked law enforcement there if any crimes in the area and match them up sergeant Anderson related the following information on Sunday April twenty seventh nineteen seventy four at approximately ten thirty six PM victim long accompanied by her boyfriend rolling we're in a lover's lane red rock canyon parked vehicle approached from the rear according to the boyfriend the car was a white convertible with a black cloth top it was missing its front grille a man got out of the convertible in approach their car he was wearing horn rimmed glasses black gloves and he was holding a pistol he then ordered rule and law click on we comply with the victim remained in the vehicle the suspect then went to the passenger side to remove the victim well he was occupied really flat and hid in the ditch the suspect course to little into his car and drove off that night an unidentified man cold Lowell's parents and told them your daughter's dead two weeks later wells body was found she been dropped down a mine shaft a hundred and twenty five miles away in San Bernardino county California and it appears Lowell's killer may have barely escaped capture at least according to an investigative technique that has become controversial and I county deputy sheriff felt he had made a stop on the suspect vehicle was placed under hypnosis and recounted the following information the vehicle for a California license plate the deputy recall the suspect getting out of his vehicle describe the driver is being heavily tanned which type jacket worn round glasses and black leather gloves he further related there seem to be something strange about the female passenger stated she was very still and never turned around to look in his direction made the encounter took place in the middle of the desert outside of radio range to the deputy hadn't called in the man's license plate a new bulletin had been issued about little subduction because police had initially been skeptical of her boyfriend story so the deputy let the man go with just a warning a month later the boyfriend funny spotted the killer had the spring in and called the police by the time the police arrived the suspect had left Hines look to see if Kane could be connected to this killing he discovered the king lives just down the road from the spring in what's more Hines said the teen's old Paul Allen Dorfman told him that Cain often went to the spring in hand according to DMV records Kane had owned a white convertible with a black cloth talk at the time of Lowell's murder Hines.

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