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Partial sunshine high seventy four right now it's seventy eight in college fail AT in mount laurel it's also eighty at the acme on Snyder Avenue in South Philadelphia sponsored by acme sign up today for just for U. rewards for one of the area's most popular haunted houses is returned. to the Fairmont neighborhood of Philadelphia Hey why W's John McDevitt reports terror behind the walls at eastern state penitentiary will run on select nights through November nine. the walls is six hundred houses in one big how we did traction when you agree to where the glow necklace you give the goons permission to touch chase and possibly make you part of the show it was the high tower rocks burrows first time at the entrance there was a guy walking around who had his tongue is pulled out of his mouth that was in his hand he was like walking or like from there I was just ready to go but. we get better or worse it was worse from there it was just. a good way worse in a go away like I was I was because I wanted to be scared I was scared I was scared throughout Kenny Wheeler is with terrorists the ethical team as we are seven pop Mart interactivity over making the show more interactive and more immersive and many people say the fact that the hundred takes place in an abandoned prison adds to the fun John McDevitt K. one of you newsradio. fifteen twenty times time for money news on K. Y. W. liberty St monster movie theaters are trying to find new ways to get people back into those plush seat instead of staying home to watch Netflix box office sales are down six percent this year fathom events.

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