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Year, the 2021 automotive Newsworld. Congress will be going virtual. With automotive news CONGRESS CONVERSATIONS The Congress conversations will be video broadcast every Thursday between April 22nd and May 20th. Each week's Congress. Conversations will feature top industry leaders who are shaping the future of the auto industry. Like Jim Farley, afford Jose Minos of Hyundai and Carlos Tamara's of Stella Artois, just to name a few to learn more about Congress conversations, topics and scheduled there's an auto news dot com slash congress. This is guy Gordon here with John Hale, owner of E. J. H construction. Agh has been a leader in commercial construction for 50 years. EJ H works efficiently and discreetly so that your business can stay up and running and Sean, working in occupied spaces has to be quite a challenge. Yes, it is. It can present some unique challenges. But we are problem solvers, and we definitely want to make sure that the client is turning revenue while getting their work done at the same time. So these solutions are formulated with each individual client but starts with knowing your client to know what their needs are and put a solution into place. It can be an engineering challenge, but they're fun because of the results that we get. It's nice to make sure they're up and running and working Well, it's our find away mentality. We will find a way to solve the issue. Truly what sets EJ h apart. EJ H is the only choice when it comes to commercial construction. For more information, call 808 544534 or go to E j h construction dot com. You're hearing the Paul W. Smith Show News. Talk 7 60 wjr. Well, there's a lot going on..

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