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And the way that we have noted in the past it's going to look very different ten years from now because if you are determined and you are the nation you can learn and do anything if you are willing to put in the time work and effort and and and learn from expert people which is where my kids that kind of bond they they seek out who are the experts and what they're in Chattanooga I guess work got to say this you are a super mom that is exactly what I think parents should say to the kids and how they should support them especially in the arts and it sounds like you sound a little bit like that when I grew up with and and your kids are like you can I say one other thing so so I started as an art major and I I changed my major yeah I I ended up getting a degree in journalism but I got my as soon as I got out of school I got my series seven licence and I went into I recall it my dark phase of being in finance and being miserably unhappy and making tons of money now I am in my fifties I am studying art I am writing but writing fun stuff and I am surrounded by people who I believe like I just had a break we got great but you know what that just plays right into the thing nobody ever is on their death bed gonna should spend more time at the office right that said did so. the artist be musician follow your dreams I love it you're great thank you for listening yeah that's that's awesome merry go all right yeah so cracker. I really don't think it's possible to offend straight white men yes and so yeah I mean they're easily offended but I mean for the not for any real reason we'll talk about that next okay Jim forty Niners football is back on KGO someday and I understand on the box pre game at twelve twenty five took off at one twenty five KGO San Francisco cumulus stations.

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