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Bears. Jordan Howard ego. Twenty six route that can be elevated. Ooh. Off. What movie? Oh night at the museum. Finally, the twenty year old Bangladeshi woman gave birth to twin one days after giving birth to her first child. What? Hotan had to. Condition called you'll die delve her baby and the twins were conceived grown in efforts womb. Deeply disturbed by detective in Pretty Woman. Detective and Pretty Woman. Well, for all the latest imagine, I'm twenty three years old. Information. Lady. Remember it? You don't even remember. That was just my own voice. I was twenty three. Okay. What? You don't get to say that very often. It was just either -tective, by the way. Just to detect. Four line Hankas areas with us here on ESPN radio. And we were talking about you not having fun on the set. What was something that you did that was the most fun was working with Robin Williams fun. Or was there a dark undercurrent on on birdcage because he he could spike back and forth personality? No that was incredibly fun, Robin Williams. He was amazing guy. He was he was often on the way, you think of Robin Williams like, but he would do it just for you like you'd be at the craft service table, grabbing a bagel and he's called Kathy be a boss. Would you do this weekend? Camping nothing, Robin. I went bowling Saturday. Polling and then he would do like fifty minutes just for you on like literally just like as if he was on the tonight show, but it's only use standard. Fifteen minutes. You didn't want? Off. I'd say seventy four percent of it was hilarious. Yeah. Robin is it's just a volume thing. But he would also like why did he call you capi capi boss public because you couldn't remember name of people capi or boss, but he would also like he was the only movie star. I ever saw that like when the tour would go by like, the tour bus would go by paramount mostly we saw was like run inside to hide he would run out and do like twenty minutes for the people just on the tour at paramount or whatever he was really sweet how great would that be also sounded at sounds and forgive me for the judgment in. It sounds needy as well. Like, he must must need it. I guess so, but it was also really delightful. Nice. I gotta tell you though, I found him to.

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