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And then what we were doing ask at basically like a montage. Regan Manala just they get a suggestion. They tell stories and then you sort of e construct elements of their stories or use bits of it, or Senideak, as premises or half seni- idea. And then you use all that information. I'm very loose format and riff off of that. And explore. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we laugh in the standup world. Lisa laughing say, improv is dead. But when in never was really, but I always been a fan while you guys because I mean first of all, he would find funny stuff to do with these ideas. But groups that are good at this NF worked together for a long time can really find some giant tastic, and fun. Thanks and end. The speed. At which ideas can get heightened in written in front of you as impressive, really agile minds or people doing it. Well the way they can heighten even the physicality of all sudden everybody's forming like dragon, you know, they're all linked together in their make their mocking. Dragon or something. I'm always impressed with this sort of group mind that comes out of the long form improv super wide breath of creativity. Yeah. Yeah. Anything that you are. You can bring that they. Is a great stepping stone for yourself and others. So that gives you some personal profile and other things. Start happening in New York. You did the comedy of the daily show. I did I got hired of the daily show guy rich cores him. I knew from comedy central our show was our shows TV show is on Omni central than this guy. Rich or sim had me do a couple segments for the daily show with John Stewart, and they like my stagnant in offered me a contract for a year. Whatever your and a half and I did that for like a year year and a half right around nine eleven which was a weird time. So I was there when nine eleven happened and I was living in the city in that was like crazy tragic, and I remember going into work. And John Stewart gave this really moving wonderful speech that he's, you know, smart. Good leader. And he was like radio K just wanna make sure role. Good in Letterman was the first one to go back and think Stewart came right? Right on his heels did his show on Thursday and UCB did shows like two days later, and it was weird because everything in New York. It just felt like everything was through the lens of like this isn't the same world we're living in it was, so tragic, and it was, I think I was depressed for year because we're men with guns on every corner. Now, the FBI was there and the military apparatus was there, and there was still digging out bodies in there was, you know, toxic smoke ever. It was a rough rough year. But the daily show helped me like you know, work through that basically, does the Honey deal that material wise. I mean do people addressing it onstage? Yeah. We'll, which is you could make a joke about. Saint Patrick's Day and somehow people would think you're commenting on nine eleven. Do you know what I mean? Like everything you saw the audience was just so raw and they could make a connection to the tragedy of nine eleven I remember literally watching the first show in, like everything people said was like, oh my God. That's just reminds me of nine eleven. I think that was the process of getting away from it is like doing. Yes, people did come done it, but a lot like the daily show stuff. Remember was a lot of finding Osama bin Laden that was the first year in the warrant Afghanistan imports or a boron. A lot of stuff about that. So I think a lot of the comedy was around. And also the nature of code scarlet code yellow, it's like I can't be more fucking alert like it was the insanity of homeland security, not helping the issue. You're already free. Yeah. I'm already fucking on edge. What do you need me to be scarlet for her? Great people on that show. Other who else was on the show you were there. Well, what I was. There was Colbert and caro-..

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