New York University, Senate, Middle East discussed on Background Briefing


And in terms of trump's lasting damage to a foreign policy quote mr president so powerful is the presidency that the damage done by the sustained attack on the truth will not be confined to the president's time in office then we will speak with darrell west the vice president and director of governance studies at the brookings institution and the founding director of the center for technological innovation he's the author billionaires reflections on the upper and the author of a new report what internet such data reveal about donald trump's first year in office which finds that over the year the public's interest in trump has dropped dramatically while interest in his impeachment has spiked then finally will examine the arrest of annex cia officer charged with spying on china who is suspected of exposing the cia spy network in china causing the murder or capture of around twenty undercover us agents june dry professor political science at the university of miami specializing in chinese government and foreign policy who was the asia advisor to the chief of naval operations joins us to discuss the pervasive nature of china's spying activity in the us and the tensions between the cia and fbi counterintelligence over them both haunt inside the cia and joining us now daniel benaim who is a senior fellow at the center for american progress researching us foreign policy in the middle east as well as a visiting lecturer at new york university and previously he served as the middle east policy advise and foreign policy speech writer at the white house the department of state and the us senate and he hasn't you'd report at the centre american progress trump's national security and foreign policy failures year one welcome to background briefing daniel penny thank you for having me and the report that your car with is quite damning but not entirely surprising i mean when you think about the way that the world and i guess i i imagine by extension well leaders and i'm talking about longstanding allies like the uk where trump this is not even i blew come and visit let alone attend a royal wedding but the front page of the german equivalent of time.

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