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Steffi's done well. This is going to be great. I don't wanna say lie. Because it's not alive. But the sort of posturing from one of the key elements of the beginning of entries and horowitz Which is their motto that all the general partners here need to have been ceos like half of the first like five or six general partners. At never been see is right. And there's a lot of credibility behind that they were strong operational leaders executives. But yeah absolutely like jeff. Jordan led the pay pal acquisition around. Pay pal within ebay. Like i would take him on my board but yeah that's funny. Well this good point before we get into like the ninety six ninety seven ninety eight continuation of the browser wars. What happens to netscape. And i'll leave it there for the moment. This is a great time to announce our second sponsor of this season of acquired. We are very excited to welcome pitchbook to the show now as many if not all probably all of you know. Pitchbook is the leading financial data provider for vce private equity and all mergers and acquisitions. Their platform includes a database with information on more than three point. One million companies and over one point five million deals on a deviate from the script here and just say like it is so comprehensive like there is no better more broad coverage data source of private company data and the a lot of public company. Data out there. So i'll tell you they definitely don't sacrifice quality for quantity because ninety six percent of their clients rate pitch books coverage of private companies as better than any other data provider. And we also do want to tell you we use pitchbook. All the time for the podcast. It is a huge part of how we research and how we do our homework for episodes were able to share these precise details like pre and post on rounds share price shareholder equity who owns what throughout the story because of pitchbook and this has been true for years. If only jim clark had back in the days maybe he wouldn't have gotten deluded so much as negotiations so true i mean. I'm thinking back to our uber episode. Where we were telling the share price along all the different years it was getting funded. That was all from data. We pulled from pitchbook so listeners. We do.

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