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Us at the movie special about what happens with I. Just don't know makes it entertaining. I think yes exactly exactly and this is. The second question really aren't all cartoons for adults they can be. I don't know about patrol but you know like especially the old classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Yeah I love that kind of stuff you know like even You know I've always and Jerry but I loved droopy dog any droopy dog cartoons. You're all in what you made me mad and then throws the guy around I love. That's all right finally apple. Tv's new series trying trying this is actually a British series That they they well they. I think they've just acquired it for Apple. Tv But it's the story of this couple in England who and they're they're they're younger couples trying to conceive a kid and it's not working and they go to fatality specialists. And they find out that they might have some fertility issues and so they decide to look into adoption. And it's it's them getting set to be like hey we're just these average coupled with like humdrum jobs were not doctors and lawyers and tons of money. Can we go through the process of the adoption process? And it's a very You know deals with some serious issues. It's very whimsical. It's very dry because it's a British show but the couple they're very cute together. They're kind of adorable and lovable. And there's a lot of heart there but there's also some realism and it shows all the emotional conflicting things that go on. Because there's you know in real life there's people that want kids who can't have kids and people who don't want kids getting pregnant and are people who go through all these hoops and everything and can be Excruciating for some people and you kind of see that As develops throughout the series. So it's and it's not a bad little series on apple. Tv Right now. Kevin car thank is at the movies. Fat GUYS MOVIES DOT COM. Always a pleasure going off the rails with you always fun and watch out for those. Spring Manai Nati- coaches not to mention the murder wasps hearts and with that have a wonderful weekend. Oh you too take care. Eight fifty one now thirteen ten. Kfi Am we will have the official Denver broncos schedule and we'll go through it with our predictions on the next show thirteen ten KFI fifty five down thirteen ten and thirteen ten K. K. dot com. Or ANY SO. Gail live local. Fueled by great petroleum. So what does mother's Day weekend ahead look like joined this morning by atmospheric scientists channel to pinpoint weather that makings? Hey Matt you doing the sporting I am doing great how you'll do this. Would this is how you doing all right. It's just US Matt. So how are you celebrating? Mothers Day I haven't been told yet. You know what they say. Happy wife Happy Life and if you take directions well that's a good I think record was requested Do I can do that. And the rest of it will just play by ear. I guess there you go there. You go well best wishes to your lovely wife. Happy Mother's Day..

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