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It looks at ray and then looks back at dominic like your dad and then he leaves like i mean how villain i just. How despicable like if the goal is to get roman booed have roman. Just dismiss ray as a human being worthy of a sons just like member last week. I threw you across the room. It was a swimming pool. This this was your dad trying to get revenge. Look at him neck. Yes i do. Expect to be added to this. By the way sam on friday smackdown tomorrow smackdown. I the thing about the tag championship on. Smackdown is the dominant. Ray have them so like you know. I don't think that's going to be it. You could maybe. You know. I i feel like i wish there was a little bit more for big e. It seems like Stuff has slowed down a little bit for biggie in the last few weeks. But i don't know. I mean there's no story king corbin and you could do that. You could do corbin inch and have some kind of crown stipulation like maybe it's own official king of the ring match. You know what you could do. Forbidden shinsegei king of the ring match and then have some kind of schmaltz finish and then decide. Okay we gotta do a king of the ring tournament. Yeah you know something like that. I don't want to king of the ring tournament or not. But yeah i mean i could see corporate and even though we've seen coordination's gave her single week like at least make they wrestle for two minutes total. It's not burned out. we're not burned out on it. Yeah and i mean putting boots on paper view thing in the world. So yeah i i could see doing and making it. This one is for the crown the winner of this match regardless of who is in physical possession of the crown. The winner of this match is the king. That'd be the way to do it for me. I think maybe they give gender a win and establish on the show and then he costs through the match. Ginger can have their feud at summerslam Not a suggestion. Just in any of salmon and o. I think people thought they headed towards a helena sell match kind of just. Have that moment for this this epoch. Viewed of this generation with so many incarnations places at stake in place. When you're not gonna add match but they could you know the the show doesn't need another match. They're trying to stack up minutes anymore. You know this isn't the burials wilson era where it's like. They wanna brag about engagement numbers. They've got their peacock money and so they're just trying to get in and out especially in the thunderdome era without a live crowd. So i don't think we're going to add a match. But i'm just seeing if anything jumps out and i guess the only other one from smackdown that could be added would be sammy and keio or like you said something with cruise but i think they also want to save matches for smackdown feel fresh. Yeah boost down. So that's where i think they're like. Yeah let's let's save a couple of these four tv and to keep fox happy. I think that's probably right. Actually that's a good point. Yeah well we can tie ribbon around it there. I think we covered.

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