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Whenever it pleases or whenever you know the world pleases has been huge for me being able to stay focused on my quote, unquote real world life, even though my online life is just as real world as the real world. But nothing that's happening in the digital world can interrupt any moment that I'm having with my family or with myself or or whatever it may be. I love that. And I think I'm the same way whenever it comes to my ringer and not having my phone on in that way. I don't sleep with my phone next to me. So someone's texting me in the middle of the night, I don't know. I won't know until the morning. Yeah. Whenever I look, I know whenever I have a moment to pause and like take in that information, and I find that because of that, I'm able to be more attentive. I'm able to give better responses. I'm also better able to filter whenever you have a ringer on your consistently being reactive to the noise or vibration or whatever it may be, but I can be super proactive about win. My attention is on my phone. And it's so funny because you used to leave your house to do things and people if they couldn't get a hold of you, they couldn't get a hold of you. They would leave a message that you wouldn't get until you're back home. So it's kind of like, what's the equivalent of that now? And I will say on the flip side of that being, you know your friend like I'm texting you now more than ever, but it's nice knowing, I think, because I know that you don't have your ringer or your alerts on that is not going to be distracting you from whatever you're doing that you'll get to it whenever you get to it, and it almost makes me feel like I can text you more knowing that it's not a distraction. Yeah, good. I'm glad to hear it because people are annoyed by like I've literally had people in my life, be annoyed that they can't easily get in touch with me, usually get my mom. I love her very much, but like moms just want to talk to you when they wanna talk to you for shore, and she's actually even sort of been trained to call David. Like if she really needs my gosh, my family as seeing they call Jeremy if they need me. Yeah, because she knows I want to answer my phone. I have. People be appalled by that. I don't care. I just don't from what about you, Kathleen. So one of the first time I felt the need to establish digital boundaries was around online gossip. So I was a huge fan of those. Like just Jared websites, there's a couple of other. I can't even remember the names of them, but like, oh, pres- Hilton was one of them yet. Like just those online celebrity gossip and even gossip magazines. I used to love those, but obviously those are print, but the digital version of those I was kind of a fan of, and then I remember is at the very first is I inner vaca- and my friend, Meghan Gilder, who has a blog called fresh exchange. She was like, oh, I saw you on insert name of very popular heater website that I won't mention the name of. She was like, oh, I saw you on that website. You had like thirteen pages dedicated to how much people hate you and I was devastated. It was the first time I'd. Even like really heard of this website. I didn't really know what it was. I went back to my hotel room and already. Oh, I mean Jeremy read it, and I just I felt sick about it. I felt really misunderstood. I felt really sad. I was totally affected and bummed out by it. And that's whenever though I realized like, oh, wow, if I didn't even know about this my life right now, it'd be so much better..

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