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Barnes was dead. When paramedics arrived was a second grader at Monaghan elementary school. In Sheldon, ISD, Harris County sheriff Atkins, Allah says they are looking for a white man in his forties with the beard. Anyone who has any information about this homicide is urged to call the sheriff's office. West Virginia's Dana Holger sin will become the university of Houston's next head football. Coach making four million dollars a year for the next five years Alderson replaces major Applewhite who was fired Sunday after going fifteen to eleven with three ball losses in two plus seasons. The Cougars finished eight to five this season and lost to the army seventy two fourteen in the armed forces ball. UT fans are looking forward to a major bowl today. The longhorns are set to play in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans for the first time since nineteen ninety five when they face off against the FCC powerhouse Georgia BULLDOGS tonight at about seven. Seven forty five BULLDOGS are top five team. They gave defending champion Alabama a very close game. Earlier this month in the SEC championship game before losing kickoff tonight at seven forty five. We'll get coverage underway on sports talk. Seven ninety at six forty five cliff Saunders. Newsradio seven forty KTAR H, and we're approaching twelve oh three oil prices were up as of the last trading. They have two thousand eighteen but they're still registered their first yearly loss in three years. International. Benchmark Brent crude rose fifty six cents a barrel to fifty three seventy seven west Texas intermediate crude picked up forty four cents to forty five seventy seven a barrel for the year. Brent is off nearly twenty percent. After two years of growth WTI is down about twenty four percent for the year. President Trump is not letting up on his demand for a border wall as partial government shutdown lingers into the new year, President Trump says without a wall. There can be no real border. Security in a tweet that is his first public response to a plan from House Democrats to reopen. The government this week in that tweet the president calls the offer so imaginative the package from Democrats expected vote when they take control of the house on Thursday would fund most federal agencies impacted by the shutdown through September homeland security would be funded into early February with more than a billion dollars for border security. But no wall money. Senate Republicans say they won't take action on a Bill that doesn't have the president's support in Washington Jared Halpern. Fox News, a new leader for the Pentagon taking the rains today as secretary of defense. Jim Mattis step down on New Year's Eve without a ceremony. Instead he transferred power to his deputy Patrick Shanahan over the phone in his first statement to the forces Shanahan said quote as acting secretary of defense. I now look forward to working with President Trump to carry out his vision officials say one of the biggest threats Shanahan faces is China who launched a new type of bliss. Missile from a submarine in November while Shanahan started the day is acting defense chief he makes his first public appearance Wednesday morning when you rise for work at the Pentagon at the Pentagon, Lucas Tomlinson. Fox News, a New Orleans suburb. Police chief says his social media post about methamphetamine contaminated with the Zeke virus was just a stunt. Harahan police chief Tim Walker says he did it to draw attention to a nationwide drug epidemic. The department's post on Saturday said meth in any area of Louisiana might be contaminated with Zico virus is that people who bring meth to their local police station or call police to come to their home would get a free test. Walker said Sunday the post was fake and meant only to raise awareness of drug abuse. Walker said there's no reason to believe the mosquito borne virus can contaminate Matt..

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