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DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail. The Auto Collision Specialists Studios right wait for it for. How you doing Good I'm doing good. It's Friday. It's good. It's all good. Yeah. What is it a good fellows celebrating what is it the thirtieth or the fortieth anniversary? Probably. Thirtieth. Of Goodfellas I think came out in nineteen ninety. Okay Got Ta Fortieth Anniversary of Friday the thirteenth. You've got these sixtieth anniversary of psycho. Mike Goodness. That's incredible. Isn't it? Own. My Gosh. Yeah. Because goodfellas I mean, it's like it's all good fellows all the time so Can't get away from it where it's just one of those movies that I get drawn into. You know we all have them. Yes. The ones you don't WanNa swerve into on TV because then you're just gonNa stay up all night watching my gosh. Yeah the run time is. Six, hours long one. Martin Scorsese. Yeah. All. Right. So it's kind of it's you said in your email a thin line of movies this week. Let's talk a little bit about Kazillionaire. Yeah and the reason it's a thin line because theaters haven't been leading on fire. So to speak from the box office away, they hoped with tenants so Hollywood has pulled back on the blockbusters. In fact, he delayed whole bunch the Disney blockbusters. As well, everything from black widow to. Story got pushed a whole year. Yet tunnels death on the Nile which mocks property but owned by Disney..

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