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Pays company for a while. Zooming. How are you, sir? Tony yourself. I'm hanging in there. We ready for the game. I'm getting there. So I guess it's Tuesday now, but I was about to say it's Monday. But you know, we're still we're still we're still up. What about yourself you ready over there? Now this when when it's when it's Sunday, that's what I'm ready to much hype. Thank this unless somebody's announced their retirement. And there's no news coming out this one exactly exactly Brady saying he's gonna play until he was you know. Probably. Yeah. He amended I'm halfway through my NFL career. Exactly. And then, you know, what's funny. Tony. You know, I saw or I actually heard when I was driving home yesterday. I heard on the radio say that there's currently a prop bet for Tony Romo if he's going to call a touchdown play before it happens. No boy. Well, what do you think you think Tony's got it at them? Yeah. Probably because he's played quarterback. And he kinda knows. Not to me talks too much. But that's that's just me. He's been given career performances this entire playoff. I mean. Wow. See, I'm I'm a Hank. I'll defend hang strand because he used to get it all he he knew every single which way we're going all the time. Are you a Tony fat on the commentary? That is talks too much. Calm down just keeps going on and on. And sometimes I just want to like a little silence. Every once in a while. But he never shuts up. It is a little interesting. You know, what you know? What was funny is that a thereto started doing some of the playoff games or those Saturday playoff games? I thought him in that group that they put together for those games were probably the best of all of the football commentary that there has been this entire season. ESPN's Monday night crew. I I can do without them. I don't think they're that. Great. I tell you. I I like Phil Simms in the booth. I mean, I know Sean McManus made the big move and got Tony in there because Simms was fine. There's nothing wrong with him. He was, but you know, he's always always a TV is by making new buzz. And if it blew up data found somebody else, but the happy with what they got exactly now, you know, Tony Tony's going to have a huge contract agency coming up again. Are you betting on this game? I haven't decided yet. I mean, honestly, I I'll probably throw a few shackles down on it. But I like those crazy weird bets to just hear about them. And like when I was in college a bunch of our friends would be like, oh, it's going better on the the Gatorade colors and whatnot. Today. You can bet on the coin to us like, geez. That's that's pretty that's pretty tough. You know, you're sitting there. Everybody else is just like, you know, still settling in and whatnot. They're like, oh, you know, New England won the coin toss, you're like. You're in a bad mood right off the bat at the Rams entails. Absolutely. He's seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six toll free line. We're going all the way five forty probably everything gets hooked up nicely down in hotlanta. Let's go to C J in on Holly CJ, you're on the fan. How you doing man? How are you? Yeah. Okay requested who do you think is the worst quarterback start in a Super Bowl? I'm gonna give you two names. David. I was gonna say Tony Eason. Yes. Yes. Babble was like third string quarterback to Alaska games of the season. He didn't Obama lethal one long pass. I think if I remember can't remember I thought he got one one good one good throw or something. But there's there's a lot of guys that get in there that you know, what happened to this guy. What happened? And then you get guys like Trent Dilfer who show up and and and. Brad Johnson guys who you never going to hear from them again. But they have ripping we'll be less. Yup. Yep. And even here in Doug Williams because that was his one big. Yeah. But you gotta get a lotta guys. I mean, that's why I said this game. I hope it's something special. Because if it's you know, it's thirty five to ten blowout by the patriots. Don't nobody wants to see turning it off at some point. To the next. Yes. All right. I think what needs to make sure his job is safe for the future. Any take his food is better. It's a simple mission. Forever. And any place should be open to call position. Yeah. You know, they they need they need bodies that can play. They need guys whoever he drafts. It's gotta be like on besides beyond the rookie team. He's got to be like unto running for rookie of the year and been an all-star. He's got to be that kind of that type of a draft pick, right? Right. There's covered by say, John. The program. Let me tell you. St John's house as opposed to school like Villanova. Reading on campus. The Square Garden subjugate crappy old arena. Facility. Yeah. I don't know why. Where would they put it out? I don't know if they have the room to build anything. Basketball playoffs who used to be held Johnson. It's I wonder what the deal is. Because you know, it is so cost effect. Caused so myself in the garden. You know, the the golden gloves used to be in their their. They're done the Bill rose gave us in there. They're done. Colgate. Women game just being there. They're done. So you know, it's like big time. You know as the Knicks. It's it's the Rangers their liberty or out. You know, it's it's it's is big concerts big ticket place people under garden experience that's going there. But. It's they they don't. It's funny. How boxing massive Square Garden had a boxing department. They had they had they had staff who fights on a regular basis the big building and a small Bill back nothing. It says a promoter rents out the Bill. Let's go to Pat, Pat. How are you this early? Hey, Tony, thanks for even company. You know, I went to see the nets last Wednesday demo pretty good versus Orlando's David exciting. Yeah. I didn't expect them to beat the Celtics tonight. Without dinwiddie. But they they hung in there for a while. They're they're they're a playoff team as far as I'm concerned. I mean, if you think about it they a ten man rotation. Two of the guys were from the gbi. Yeah. Saving energy. They sat the Angela Russell rightfully so stable for tonight against the Bose. Yeah. They also saying that the coach of a little said he wouldn't do it some things he wanted. But I I can buy that too. But yeah. They three games over five hundred who did anybody expect that at the beginning of the season, especially when they later or something like that. I'd be happy with a succeed. But. Even better. You know, we could we could make up some ground know, we have so many people heart, Tony. But it was a close game. Like, I said last Wednesday roasts Orlando one fourteen to one ten nice, comfortable arena. You know, you're not squeezed in the lookout at the garden. Right. I don't know why people are still going until the garden. Tony you must be going to see the opposing team. I think so what was the fight in Brooklyn on on Saturday night. Oh, a gorgeous arena is. It's a nice is intimate. And it's it's it's a nice nice view from everywhere in the builders. Very nice. Nice. They all got the nets color is on. Yeah. About that. Pretty pretty nice basically crowd, you know, young people or older people taking their kids to keep dancing on the big screen. Couldn't have been more than seven or eight years doing that doing the the whiteboard, whatever they call it the the back and forth. Very very entertaining. And you know. Breakdown. So was I mean, it just it just a great experience. Tony I like to see three or four games a year ago. I can't afford to see the Knicks knows I get one for for Abol seats for the nets. The other problem is if you're right. People go to garden for the quote unquote, gardening experience of the garden. Experienced comma of watching the other team. Davis is coming to town the Browns coming into town. You pick you pick you pick the star on the other team. And that's what you wanna see. And then I will make this point as they say over and over again, the Nixon not tanking folks. They just think they're not good. They know how to play for a little while you gave me two good quarters. Maybe I might be the third could be the second fourth. But by that time the holes too deep. I think I was watching halftime at one of the cheese was saying we always have problems in the third quarter. We've got gotta come out. Anyway, they wanted third quarter by a point. But eighteen points. It's something, you know. And I don't blame the coach is like, dude. It's how many times, you know. You don't you know, what your job is? You gotta have a good third period of key build on what you've done in the first half. They never do. Let's go to in the Bronx Duane morning, Mr. page. Good to hear from Pat. I'm pretty well. First of all, right. I'm surprised I must have missed what you said the liberty. You're out of MSG 'cause the nets owner bought them. Oh, yeah. I didn't even realize. Yeah. Miss that whole thing. But quickly right with the hall of fame MLB hall of fame last week. You were mentioned in the list of first ballot inductees by the writers. And right. So you just confirmed that I know you had your own Eddie Murray experienced, but you just confirmed that Eddie Murray was denied his first ballot. Now, he's on there. No, no. He wasn't on your list of first ballot guys. I read I read right in front of me. I read all the guys is daily news. Right. I believe Eddie Murray denied him a year. That's too much power in the media. No this list says hall of fame first year inductees, right? But I believe Eddie Murray didn't get in these first year. What I'm saying that the list I have in front of me is first year inductees in bit Willie Mays McCovey Molitor Morgan Murray. Oh, he did. Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry. Because I read everybody. I've I read the whole list because it was just, you know, there was nobody really can't argue with anybody on the list. Right. I was just going back at the time. Like he went in with Ryan Sandberg or someone. There was just a lot of controversy as to how much media what turned off by Murray with various stops around major league baseball. It's funny. How you know? He was silent guy in got in. And how rebel spoke too much. I guess I dunno not enough. I don't know. Well, it just a lot of. Right. A lot of bad activity. They called him dad Albert and with their reason with my my understanding is Dickie the late. Dick young did a story. He was talking to the media. And then he went and talked to Eddie Murphy's, brother or mother or something like that. And he said you didn't have asked me ask my permission to talk to my family. So if you guys and act like that, I'm not gonna talk to anybody then oh, this happened to be dick young here. Okay. Years and years ago, right? 'cause Murray I believe he's still the only switch hitter in major league baseball five hundred homers three thousand ribs. I mean. Right. The the bottom line, right? He was an RBI machine. Another thing. I I believe about eighteen years straight, even with three work-stoppages yet at least seventy five RBI, which grab with the work-stoppages makes it significant, but the other I'm calling about the Knicks briefly and really like prospects on Anthony Davis, and it's hard to say, I I know there tanking for the rest of this season. But to say to go and not join Kristaps Porzingis. And then you know, he and Tim Hardaway who would help with the money match onto trade like they're good. If they're both healthy, they're good for forty five points on any given night. So Davis may wonder who am I going to be with exactly even if they can salvage that number one that that first round draft pick lottery pick, you know, it gets a crap shoot how the guy will be whomever. They get whether it's on Williamson or whomever it ends up. But you're right. You want to know that you have someone who fits within the cap who provides other scoring. I think. Davis. Look I want to go somewhere where we got a chance to compete right away. I don't I don't wanna be spending next three or four years. Just trying to improve a team. I could just stay where I was eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six football baseball after this. Even in my own home. I had my own designated space to smoke. I.

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