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Mac Canady Super Bowl Sunday is upon us here and then the end of football, of course. Always fund may not be as fun this year because you're gonna be by yourself. I think I know if you have a Super Bowl party and on how you've been able to do that and socially distance, everything else could be a weird year as far as they're concerned, Also a weird year for the commercials, too, because some of the big names like Anheuser Busch and others are just about out Now there's gonna be a couple Bud light ads, I think, but by and large The big sponsors aren't there this year? The game itself, of course, going to be played between Tampa Bay in the Chiefs, and on that is, I'll always love having Dave on this today. Mason is from bed online sports book. And the profits this year is about about an inch thick is you always you always have a prop that's going on in Vegas and stuff. But especially during the Super Bowl. It gets really meaty, Dave, how we doing? Great man. Busy week, but real fun week. You know, we get the all those process make. It wanted just a different kind of weak in all these other week, So we love all these unique props. What's the line right now in the game overall. Uh, Keith are minus three. Yes. And not, you know, went up the 3.5 or blip after we opened up from, you know, almost two weeks ago, and, uh, Sharps took, plus 3.5 the one down the minus three E 67% of the cash is on the chief. Say, mike get plus 3.5 just for the book to get a little bit about buy back, but I doubt it. Okay, so that line and move much. It was like 3.5 night on three. Okay, That's about right. I think you know you guys hardly ever missed. It's funny team could be blowing somebody out you go. All of a sudden you look at what you guys wait, What? You guys came up with the like, man. They They're always right. I don't know how you do that. But you guys are good at the other area, though Davis obviously profits, and this is its genius, too, because you don't have to be a football fan about on profits like for example, Um it'll be like Joe Biden President Biden, the one of the first words said by Biden. In the Super Bowl interview the postgame provided he does a Super Bowl post game interview. Yeah. I mean, we have all sorts of Biden props up first. What word to say first? I mean, what we got here we have a pandemic Unity, healing impeach, you know, which always say first. The over under all the time for it, Um, you know, all sorts of stuff. I mean, And which team always say first Fuck. Buccaneers or chief s. So you know that that whole day, There's something that bet on I mean, you know, even the puppy bowl or whatever they call it, you know, team plus recent versus team, rough bunch of dogs run around. I feel we have odds on that. Whatever you want to bet, degenerate is betting on the puppy bowl. Just let's step back for a second and talk about human nature for second, Dave. Well, three, so I don't I don't. First of all, I don't appreciate you call me a degenerate, but, uh there's a plate work I got. I got big money. I got big buddy. I'm team rough. Oh, my God in their lineup crap, And then you try to get information about one of the poppies. And apparently he has Kendall Coffey. Maybe out it's got Is that gonna boys? They're gonna script the line. Yeah, that dogs on steroids. I mean, a lot of that a lot of stuff Just for fun, people, good, big body on it. But there have been 5 10 20 bucks like me. The coin flip is the first perfect example of coin. Flip it, Z. It's probably gets more that counts and any other probably offer and we have fries, 1500 to 2000 props and total. Um, pride gets the highest buying back counts but doesn't come close to getting the highest volume moneywise. You know, everybody has it bet on it. It's just not big money on it. You know if it's five bucks, 10 bucks 20 bucks. I mean, until I have been in the Vegas sports books a couple times for a Super Bowl two or three times and the biggest roar of the crowd you will ever hear in a Super Bowl. I don't care if it's the best. Super Bowl ever invented. The biggest roar you're ever going to hear is when they flip that darn coin. Is everybody going our cheer man. It's quite an experience. You're literally betting on heads or tails in the Puppy Bowl. That's fan. That's you know, It's your money. Do what the hell you want with? That's why it's America. Right? America? Us. Everybody. You tell me what I can't waste my money or throw my money. And I wouldn't put money on the coin toss in the puppy bowl. I'm a happy guy now. I think this is really funny, too. You can bet on the not only the total length of the national anthem on the over under, but also how long the length of the word brave the last 10 days and the home of the brave and generally it's It's stretched out like you can bet on the over under on that, and for those who know over under its explain that but but talk specifically about the national anthem. Yeah, I mean, over under is this, you know, a standard gauge how long it will last You know, it's the most popular over unders. But they point in the game 25 a half on the Super Bowl, say bet it's total score over 55 a half for under 55 a half and And for time, you know, we have the over under national anthem it open it over under two minutes..

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