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Did I think the like a look is people can't see my eyes rolling, but my eyes are rolling but I get it, I get the appeal, I get it for camera system, it is beautiful camera. I've been digging into the the archives like like a photograph International. They have an app lfi on the App Store and for like, 60 bucks a year. You get access to all of the issues they've ever predict. These people were literally publishing. This magazine as American GIS were invading Berlin in World War Two or excuse, me, not invading liberating Berlin wage. I mean, it's insane. Like the I I just did it shooting Florida and like was was borrowing angles from like this 1956 like a magazine like fishing, so I don't know dude, I'm just doing that stuff. My son yeah, skied 21 days as a two-year-old this way and he likes it. Still my wife's go into LA this weekend home. And friends. And I'm going to take him to, I think Alpine Meadows might close on Sunday, which is crazy. Might be the final closure before the Base to Base is in next year. So we're gonna go and rip around me. And my two year old and operate in the parking lot. And hot dogs. Watch a Mets game. Speaking of which, we have a big series coming up tonight in tomorrow, your Red Sox fan? No, no, I don't like baseball anymore. I used to pretend to be a Yankees fan because like, my family was a Yankee like my family is all life. My dad like is like all Arabs. I think at one point or another are Yankees fans dude it's very pop. It's a Yankee hat is an international symbol of yes. And that's what they know. That's what they know. So they come here and they're like, I mean so like I grew up in the Yankees fan in a Lakers fan cuz that's what was known. So like, that's my, I am a die-hard Lakers fan until the day. I die. Nice. Even if I hate a lot, I don't like LeBron James. Like these are my sports find out. You're like a thing. I do not like a my son's Godfather. Well skiers known as All-Star you know, he did Solomon frisky TV for a while but yeah. Yeah that's my son's Godfather. And he's giant Lakers fan. Not a LeBron fan respectful Brown. I I appreciate the talent. You can't not appreciate the talent. And the athlete that he is but like wage. Dude is just he's an idiot. I will I love LeBron. I think I mean he just runs the greatest but I mean we had to adopt a team when we got out here and home. You know. I still root for the Knicks a little bit, but I was like my sister winning now. Now you're not going to drop him cuz they're winning this year. My son was born in Truckee California and we're like we can't wage, give him. All New York teams will be like the weirdest school so I huge mats fan. He likes the Mets but like he doesn't really watch football but he does like the Warriors. I mean, Steph Curry's incredibly fun to watch. Yeah yeah and what school was like he's to he's been a Warriors fan since day with hard. So yeah. According to the Warriors Dynasty. So yeah but not away. Amazing. I hope for those of you their legs..

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