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Charlottesville and some people have called tonight on it we haven't gone to them because we've had we had a very thorough discussion on a yesterday but will bring it up again where people said look what's going on with what's going on charlottesville was not ripe verses laughed it was left purses laughed if you're not see you're not conservative notts be in a nazi and heavy the nazi mindset is the opposite of being a conservative 'cause you here while they're trying to label all conservatives we'll conservatives aren't nazis the philosophy is completely different the philosophy of individualism the philosophy of freedom the of velocity of freedom the philosophy of free markets the lhasa fee of less government is the opposite of being a nazi as we call it nazi socialism whatever and wherein the nazis were going and what the intent of what they wanted to do when germany was it's complete opposite now one may be more government control by a certain color skin of people but that's the only difference it simply just government control and we want governmentcontrolled to protect and promote this skin color or this ethnicity that's what they believe but it's more government and more control any conservative sliced libertarian is completely against that one thousand percent against that so it's not even conservative to begin with and that's why we said then and we brought that up on yesterday show and that's why we set overall when you look at at at this this is really it's the left versus the laughed when it comes to government control and the left today simply represents black nationalism is what they're promoting i mean we can go back to the two thousand eight your heart and see in denver and remember how the so called anarchist showed up all wearing the same thing yeah let's not an arcane and we were we just you know again there was driven by the left yes but you look at the eu you look at the violence it's commit committed out there which the end the violence is about what the violence is that comes consistently from the left the overly well lien will lead a number of violent protests riots destruction trying to stop free speech it all comes from the left and what.

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