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Fired up for the memorial. Did you, you actually played what like a week ago or something didn't you? I did not all you didn't. Okay. Okay. Media day. A number of those over the years, but miss it. Yeah. From what I understand though. It is in fascinating shape. And it's looking even better and better. I saw some drone footage of it on the news and I'm fired up. Man. I've only played that once and man. Oh man. It was better than advertised. I was so happy in that place. Man, it was just it's hollowed ground. You know, so great. It is and it tennis every part of your game. And, you know, this spring, weather that's been so garbage for all of us wanted to play golf and get out to stuff is really been good for the golf. It's going to be the of course. It's just perfect. The conditions are amazing over there right now. And when they roll in here in a couple of weeks, it's going to be they're going to be talking about two things. And the fact that the golf courses always imperfect shape and the both sets of the best on tour. Yeah. No question about that. All right. So the PGA championship, it's the second major of the year end. We're in round one right now, a couple of different storylines going on, how shocked are you that? Brooks kept. Look, he always does well in majors as of late over the last couple of years, the fact that he threw a sixty three seven under course, record at us today was just for me. You know, Josh and I are actually going are you re every time they would show he would like, oh, he are you kidding. And I'm going, oh, this can't keep happening. But man, this guy is obviously for real over and over and over. Well, three majors in the last, what seven or eight turn is. And it's a big deal. And, you know, he's he is. So when they talk about great players that make it look easy. Is there ever been a player that made it look as easy as this guy, maybe maybe Fred Couples, couples really, you know, he could get himself into some trouble and scramble out of it? And, you know, a tiger always says excitement like Phil says, but, you know, even nNcholas had, you know, some exciting things happened during his playing books kept guy is just he's like he's out there just goofing around with his. Budde playing golf and relaxing, and there's no drama. There's no, you know, massive big fist pumps or dropping his on own. My is dropping news in the Gulf charge for the bowl that whatever the corner, he just hits it in the fairway. Hit it on the green and makes the punt. It is so simple, and so much fun to work. And, and yeah. Today refers day you could see him do him have three more rounds just like today, because she is so in the zone so smooth so relaxed it is really fun to watch well going into this week, there are a lot of talk, obviously a lot of talk about tiger. Woods in the fact that he picked up his fifteenth major in the in the masters earlier this year. And right now, he's nine shots of the lead when you hear that number you go ho-. And I was saying, look, Brooks's got to come back to the field a little bit, or this is going to turn into like a three or four men race because who was it a Danny Lee, actually posted, six under? So he's one back and then. John J John Daly. That's another story going on right now. He just finished his round. He's at five over and him taking a golf cart this week. I, I know that there are a lot of people it's weird. They put they kind of put a little bit of pressure on the other golfers when they ask him about him and, you know, they're a lot of the guys are friends with John, so they have to answer tiger. Did you like his answer? He goes, you know, I I played with a broken leg. And I won't you know, kind of thing, I don't get. I mean, I've, I've rooted for daily all these years hoping he could figure forgot how to get out of his own way and have a life, but he's just not there. You feel bad for the guy in some respects, although it's all self inflicted. And so you can't. In some ways feel bad for him. But I would be embarrassed if I were him out to riding around at a car. That's just wrong. He says, I can't walk more than six or seven holes after raiders up. Yeah. Let's, let's get past that. And, and, you know, he's he just continues to embarrass himself, every time it says around this is just the latest example, but you mentioned you know all the talk about tiger. I mean it it was a surprise because you started out kind of a bumpy start in that role. And they started the back nine then he remembered the front nine you know, birdies through the first three or three the first four and then it makes an eagle and out here comes and he's only like four behind at that point of KEPCO was just, you know, smooth five under whatever at the time and, and then tiger, you know, big double when a couple of bogeys, and he was all over the place today, which is really will because he was so steady at Augusta so to, to come here and be inconsistent as he was. Assistant just at the masters with a big surprise but out, I mean, this would and I still think then contention the downside is he might only for second place. It's kept good keeps playing like he's playing. We're talking to Mr. Gulf Ray Husted. Of course, the second major of the year first round is underway probably going to become a close in a little bit of the PGA championship Bethpage Black. That's the other part of this equation. With brooks. Kept that you go. Okay. It's it's this is such a tough track. Well, it didn't look very tough when you watched him go round and play. But then you watch, for instance, earlier, I'm watching Matt Kuchar putt out. I, I don't know. Maybe it was six or seven I can't remember which whole it was, but he ends up leaving it, you know, five feet short, and it just kinda starts dying off, and I go, what is it about this? Course where you've got guys that have, you know, that elite talent that make it look so easy. And then you think the other. Guys, you know, let let's face it within the top ten or twenty guys that are playing really well on any given week, it becomes a putting contest. But when you see something like that, you got man that looks like me on their putting, you know. Well, it's interesting because the golf courses so wet. I mean they've had so much rain, the last ten days there. So soft that these guys are not used to play in major championships with slow greens. We saw that the British Open last year. These greens are not, they don't have the undulation that got the national has, they don't have to see that it has. They're pretty easy. Green putt in all respects if it's a long off course with a lot of deep tough rough. And you've got gotta drive it in the fairway and then you've got the mess. If you miss the rough and your way off line, you're gonna lose the gospel because the greens are not the problem here. And if you can't putt on relatively slow, I'm not gonna say slow, but compared to other majors on greens at are relatively flat and not too quick. You're not gonna make it this week. And that's why we're seeing, you know the top leaderboard. No big surprises. Brooks kept kept. But the next few names, Danny Lee, Tommy Fleetwood, of course legit, but Michael Renzo Veira has really Luke Lucas, he wouldn't Kim bike one at Wallis. I mean, the next group of guys that are in there, the golf course is soft and you have these players this much talent, a sauce, golf course greens. And that tough to putt. We may see a whole bunch of no name up there in contention. Now it's not that far behind where, you know, review follow doesn't Johnson and some of these guys that we talked about earlier, even so Mickelson's having a good day at under Parton, but I think if the condition stay the way they are we may have a major championship with, you know, one big name up there, and then a whole bunch of co stars that are, you know, up for success, supporting actor, right? We got about thirty seconds left. You like Brooks win this. Or can you give me a three that you'd like that? You think may actually win this because boy, Brooks Hannity. How do you bet against him? I mean here he comes again. You wouldn't bet against Brooks. His point. But, but my other two, I will Ripley. I mean, you almost want under underscoring course in in one of the playoff series a couple of years ago. He's aggressive, and with the greens, a sauce is there in his plan to go out and start putting like kept commit a lot of, you know, twenty foot lengths type putts today so watch for Ricky and do not count tiger. Woods out. I've been a naysayer for a long time, but he chose my mind going wire-to-wire last full of the tour championship and they win at Augusta. Very good. All right. Mr. Gulf Ray Husted. Great to catch up with the we'll talk soon. Thanks guy. Take care of other traffic.

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