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From high school to college and beyond from wisely evaluating jewish life on campus to equipping themselves to the encounter. Any antisemitic and anti israel sentiments tribe. Talk is an expanding hub of resources guiding jewish students in their parents at a time when jewish pride and identity is being challenged by their. I'm jordan rich and today we welcomed the founders of tribe. Talk to discuss how it all got started successes so far and plans for the future. So let me introduce our guests. Michelle black robin. Friedman and jude sidney. All three live in the boston area of high school or college age children and are active leaders in the boston national jewish communities. More information about our guests can be found at tribe talk dot org and in the show notes. My first question for all of you know. Start with jude. Why tribe talk. And why now sell very personally. I was involved in an organization. Ad l. had done a from fabulous program. I about a year and a half ago. Now it's a little longer on The good fight. And how do we help students. In parent families really helped stand up for eight against eight and after leaving. That conference rob attended him. Shell and i were part of the planning team Kinda felt backing..

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