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Is why he needs that little super powerful placebo formula that the that the group gave him. And that's that's the only thing that can do for a mere twenty four hours then premier twenty four hours. This will work given that. Apparently i guess in the comics currently in some stories that they've had the red yet cheering venture can't turn back and forth at well. It is just the fact that yeah ben. Grimm needs psychological lift for. He can't accept that he would willingly become the thing at the same time. And he can't accept that he would willingly become the thing but he also knows he likes me. The thing and that the thing is necessary in the world. So this is what. Franklin's can have to work through. I mean that'd be nice. If like ben could work through it at the same time they both you know work through this whole thing. She's in my head. Well you know. That's sort of the problem. And it's kind of that kind of thing that when you tell ben it's just in this head he gets mad about it. That's what has happened to every time that someone tried to explain to him. It was just in this. Ed left his literally. When ben came back and read says oh. I didn't realize that you're breaking that makes sense because what was keeping you was this desire to be with alicia and that is no now i killed him and i can never be ben grimm again and reads like that's stupid that's stupid. Then why would you even think. That's the case. Maybe maybe it'll be better if it comes from franklin rather than read. Well i get the feeling that there's going to be this thing. Where like ben knows. But does it sort of like sort of like commissioner gordon thing. He knows he just doesn't want to say it out loud because if he can have his own closeable deniability. It works for him. And that's where we're he's out with it Mona heads games You get the chance to read it or no. No i did not get it. Yeah it's pretty good. We get the secret origin of mohawk. A he was apparently founder of aims. Kid he was not the brilliant genius that he wanted him to be so that's why he turned into mode to make him a super genius but then Of course mohawk does not cotton to everything he's done. He traps his father in his cell phone. Because he transfers his consciousness into that and then he creates essentially an army of his family made of ellum dis from the new series. Coming out to take retake over aim so good for motech and his evil family of destruction. this was written by jordan and patton oswald. I'm sure we'll see some references to this in our upcoming series coming out in may and yeah. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. It's it's a good for good. And my finally tunnel and e book of the week is transformers Me and my little pony again magical. Cyber tran It's the pony is now they're on cyber tran and magic happens so if you liked the first one. You'll like this one to want to talk about this week. Filip sure yet your comics plenty. But let's go see we all take over time and he does the chance to ever talk about what he wants to talk about. Thirty banks so say the man things next week. We're gonna talk about talk about him. Okay okay phil if Hopefully people enjoy listening to this. They didn't enjoy listening to it because using sub-standard headphones and they were not doing to tweet on your dot com. He's in the coupon codes to punch out the deep discount on high quality stereophonic headphone equipment Likewise they should ask that. Go hunting dot com that same coupon code south get at checkout deep discount on getting from delivered to their house where us their intellectual to solve a cold case with michelle gray. Whether or not that interested anyone can also just go show notes become amazon like go to amazon dot com by anything else it like to And it costs them. Nothing helps out the show. Likewise will they're there. They can check out pie by the book. The book written by the southgate. Southgate media group community Which is about podcasting. Which is what we do and if they do any of that in let's talk to you feel about that. How can they reach you. Want to reach me or anyone else you can. Email us capes on lunatics that g mail dot com or call the voicemail one four three eight to two seventy seven at six one four thirty capes and you can find links everything we do social media merchandise everything linked tree elian ktar dot ee slash capes lunatics and. Of course you can always to that old fashioned the mothers and fathers once did at superconductivity. Blogger dot com. That's super blog. All one word at you kind of course only on the on the twitter as live tweet things probably star girl definitely powerbroker girls at cherry usher that c. h. a. r. e. s. s. e. r. the to ease in the middle quality things. Thank you all right. Ladies.

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