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Life to just go back a little bit and give context for our audience who art as familiar with your work and you know we've we've kind of touched a little bit on the vibration and why that is important and how it affects us physically mentally and emotionally personally but I would love to just carry your story and kind of what brought you to founding vibrate higher daily and and all the things that you do in this world and your book coming out so I know that's been like a big labor of love related to your story as well so take the floor yes so. I am a wellness educator later a spiritual writer the founder of a website call vibrate higher daily favorite twitter account. Your Shit Twenty four seven. Thank you ooh yes. Thank you so much for that. I absolutely love twitter community and twitter. Yeah I do you have your the twitter trash I love it. Oh No it's so necessary. I WanNa see what you're thinking now what you look like yeah. Twitter is complete yet. A lot of people are maybe intimidated by just a whole new world because they are completely different from other like you. Don't you don't speak or share the same like you do. You can share the same message but your your conversation is it just looks different on twitter and if you try to do the same thing like the cookie cutter it just doesn't work like it doesn't resonate like you have to know twitter protocol protocol. You gotta saying Yeah Yeah So. I love twitter absolutely. Twitter is so fun and I'm on.

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