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A wonderful phrase NHA entered the vocabulary obey small of economists and a small beach of Buddhists and others who were dreaming of this already decades ago. But Bhutan went ahead as a very poor country and actually set up the mechanisms for detailed survey, measurement of dimensions of gross national happiness. It set a gross national happiness commission ordered that all legislation should be evaluated kind of happiness benefit cost ratio sex began meeting with the king, and they brought more world leaders in the congress into the happiness conversation. This ultimately led to the creation of the UN's world. Happiness report. The concept was jarring many saxes Collins, particularly US. Well in in our country. We don't talk about almost anything else in the public space. It's all about growth GDP, incomes. Of course, there is a massive industry of happiness. Studies self help manuals helping people to overcome all sorts of unhappiness is trying to help people find meaning in their lives. Trying to help people make better decisions about their lives. Two sacks the booming self help industry enrich countries. Like, the US reveals a disturbing paradox. We have the paradox that income per person rises in the United States. But happiness does not. And it's not that. That's because the humans are humans. It's because the US is falling behind other countries because we are not pursuing dimensions of happiness that are extremely important. Our physical health the mental health in our community. These social support the honesty in government, and this is weighing down American wellbeing lake the Danish happiness expert Mike Viking Saks finds wisdom in the ancient Greek model I'd go with Aristotle. He's my guy. He's my my favorite philosopher, and Ye pointed out in the nickel Machi and ethics. Two thousand three hundred years ago that to be happy requires the the good benefit of having a material needs met. So don't deny those he said, but he also said. I only aiming for wealth. Single-mindedly pursuing a higher wealth is certainly no way to happiness and after a certain point of income work on other things work on your friendship work on your mental health work on your physical health work on good, governance work on your charitableness. Because in this kind of world do a good life is is a balanced in virtuous life. Not a single minded pursuit of income..

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