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It wasn't the best way to take care of things but it was the most he probably felt so much better afterwards oh my god today guy luke oh okay so everybody has that i feel like everybody as is connected to this in some way the i i will say about the movie is no matter what your attitude is about pooping there is someone in that movie who represents the way you feel like there are some people who can't handle is steve ag was literally the most uncomfortable i've ever seen him in my entire life and he said he would never watched the film probably ever net that's right stonestreet very uncomfortable but there are people who were having john array was gleeful secca about up he was filled with joy i will tell us tell us where people could see this 'cause 'cause it's gonna be in theaters on friday february cnt it when this podcast drops its in theaters february sixty than i am going to tell you exactly where you can see it because it is in is it is it also digitally release say at the while you're looking on your phone you could see it on amazon you could see it on i choose and then wherever you can get video on demand like charter cable exactly new york city will be at the village east in la here at the limbaugh monica santa monica chicago forbade villages jesus i think twelve third right exactly chicago it facet cinematheque cleveland in tower city tara city atlanta the plaza theatre detroit cinema detroit boston apple cinemas kansas city screen land tap kayed san francisco one of the oldest theaters in the country the.

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