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By fifteen fifty. Three edward was close to death and maybe he knew it because while he was still a young team edward with the guidance of his chief. Councillor john dudley began making secret plans to prevent catholic mary from taking the english throne the way her father henry. The eighth had outlined it in his succession plans. Edward or rather. His advisors didn't want a catholic sweeping in and undermining all of the protestant progress that they had made. They would have much preferred that the crown go next to edward's other half sister. Elizabeth also a protestant but elizabeth and mary were both illegitimate and to take one out of the line of succession. Meant taking both out. I'd awards advisors posited that if henry the eighth was allowed to delineate the order for succession after he was king in his will well. Why shouldn't the current king also be able to do that. And so before edward's death he secured his own private succession document saying that his cousin or i suppose actually his grand niece lady jane grey would be the one to take the throne after him lady. Jane grey was the granddaughter of henry. The eighth younger sister and lady jane grey also happened to be the daughter-in-law of man pulling the strings advisor. John dudley dudley began shoring up support for jane to become queen. After edward's death he knew it would be challenging especially because the people so loved mary. They had been rooting for her and for her patient. Devoted mother catherine all through their periods of submission and mary like most of the population still believed in the catholic faith. All of the changes. That dudley i mean edward the six had been making was too much too fast for many and so now an attempt to undermine the locked in order of succession was an ambitious move deadly knew that his plan would have a far greater chance of success if he literally kidnapped mary and prevented her from raising her own support. Mary received an invitation to london summoning her to visit her dying brother. She knew it was a trap and so instead. Mary fled from her property to east. Anglia norwich to start gathering. An army norwich was particularly smart strategic move. They absolutely hated dudley there because that had been where he had viciously put down the catch. Rebellion edward the six died on july. Six fifteen fifty three from a fever and a cough that had been gradually worsening for months dudley decided to wait to announce the death for a few days while he gathered his own reinforcements and planted ships on the coast to prevent mary's escape and also to prevent her from receiving checkup for many european powers. It wasn't until july tenth but the council announced that lady jane grey was going to be queen. She was taken to the tower of london where traditionally monarchs awaited their coronations. The people on the street when they heard the announcement were a little confused. They muttered amongst themselves. Shod each other glances. Mary sent a message to the privy council stating that she intended to claim her right and title. The privy council responded that she was illegitimate supported by quote a few lewd base people..

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