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Hello seeking just giving away the app is very easy to use an do, take care because a scandal the sites taught is real dummy when it comes to technology. It's incredible when it comes in a lot of things the the way the brain works wherever somebody's trying to hide something Taj really good, a figure that out. He made a whole career out of as a legend that he's good comedic brenick and set up any joke that put boss, we have. He's good at selling ads. He's gonna speaking into microphones. But when it comes to utilize modern technology, one of the worst I've ever seen in my entire life. You know, I want. I said a prayer. I was like, please dumbed down ticket buying for me like to go to a game. And then boom, you got hired by Marshall's sports introduced a seatgeek in my world is forever changed. You know what you did. You know what you got. You got to hold a spirit. So lucky we got this next guy on this lady Peggy. There's been booking for us and she is what we like to call a life changer game changer because we're getting re. I wasn't great at asking, people come on the show. I don't like interrupting people. I don't know how how precious their time is, but booking is a real thing and you're a parcel, there was a Booker that wasn't doing Jack shit for us for a long time. Now, granted he was in the New York office, so he was getting bombarded with everybody else. So we were just kind of battling kind of going. We were surviving, not thriving. Cowl Rudolph comes on a show. Aaron Rodgers comes on his show. Lev bells agent comes on the show. A now hall of fame, middle linebacker used to be bought now is a full Etta hair. This man is alleged in from as soon as the phone call picked up until the end. He was fucking hilarious, would would've never guessed it. Mr lacquer. Yes, hey, I'm about to give you an intro, and then let's get right into us. We won't be much time. We're so thankful you're joining us Brian. This your podcast? Well, it'd be on my serious show as well. So be podcasts Emma series because you got some funny shit on their does, hey, I want to let you know. I would like to let you know that last week, Aaron Rodgers was on the show in now. He just signed for one hundred million guaranteed. I don't know what's coming for you next week, but maybe. Yeah, just tell me on the show that we could be surprised to me. Okay, sounds good. Let's get into this is probably all going to be on the show by the way. Joining us joining us now is an eight time pro bowler four time first team all pro one time. Second team all pro NFL defensive player of the year in two thousand five NFL defensive rookie of the year in two thousand NFL two, thousands, all decade team, a consensus all American and now a hall of Famer with the beautiful line of hair on his head linebacker for the Chicago Bears for longtime number fifty, four, Brian Urlacher. Ryan, how are you? Buddy? Good. What a nice intro you did your homework or you read the internet or something like that. Good job straight off of Wikipedia. Mr. Laker I am literally your career highlights in awards are all lined up right there on what Kapadia I want through there, and I got a chance to watch you go in the hall of fame, so I remembered that..

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