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He'll be friday as pure afternoon at two twenty on bob eusler two major league baseball players sent more than fifty home runs last season one of them was the yankees aaron judge the other will soon be a yankee as yankees avid deal in place to acquire his john carlos stanton per on the miami marlins no official word yes yet for the yankees but the player going back to the marlins who said to be stalling castro along with some yankees prospect stance in the reigning and al mvp fifty nine home runs last season 132 rv is baid expendable because the marlins or shutting payroll stanton is o two hundred ninety five million over the next ten years the marlins will reportedly pick up thirty million of that stare that has a notrade clause he turned down the cardinals he turned down the giants he says yes to the yankees the next tonight or in chicago trying to win on the road for only the second time this season the nets continue their twogame staying in mexico city coming off a win over the thunder they play the heat tonight coverage on double d cbs news radio eight eighty temples the raiders play for the second time to nice they play against each other at the garden it's on the fan of sixty six fifty islanders are in boston armynavy today 100 th meeting barmy trying to win consecutive games against navy for the first time in over twenty years or try to do something they've never done before beat navy.

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