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There. Some are fast vice president of Entertainment Bob Babish. He was into it right away. That came together and what a week. So when you have an artist that thinks it's a cool idea, it works much better. Mike Spalding WTMJ News WTMJ forecast for today, mostly sunny, windy and humid with a high of 88 4 years Sunday Partly cloudy breezy with an isolated thundershowers pecked at a high of 75 by the lakefront 79 inland. Start your week on Monday morning showers and partly cloudy a high of 76. Tuesday. Mostly cloudy breezy with showers likely a high of 83 on Wednesday, mostly sunny and pleasant high of 75 in sports. The Brewers open up their series in Cleveland with a 10 to 3 win on Friday night. This puts the team at a franchise high mark 32 games over 500 the magic number to clinch the division down to nine games Game two of the Brewers in Indians tonight. Corbyn Burn slated to start on the mound for the crew. The Indians will counter with Zach Police Act. Our coverage starts with Brewer's warm up with Matt Paulie at four first pitch slated for 5, 10. I'm Greg Hill, NewsRadio wtmj. Mhm. And now for the show, reflecting on classic radio Hollywood 3 60 with your host, Carl, Um are you lost your magic? They knocked you off your game. Your car on this went right out the window. What's with this, Carl? This It's not even a real word. Conjunction. Propositions, philosophy,.

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