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The twelve year old last seen in her best friend's backyard cam actually like hopped the back funds and didn't go home and then i just went in my house so the next morning i was expecting her to be back at my house police think king and the other five girls were killed by arthur reap the child predator is already in jail for the nineteen eightysix kidnap and murder of thirteen year old sindhis are zeki two thousand eight video from wd iv shows ream pointing police to the location of her remains zarzusky found in these woods ten years ago but the site not fully searched this empty open field once hidden in the woods so in the eighties this was what was let's farmland there was nothing out police say kelly brownlee and kim laura who disappeared in the nineteen eighty s could also be found there plea bring some closure for the families and kimberly king sister connie says she'll never stop looking it's the most important thing in my life until we find her will always be the most important thing in my life investigators have interviewed arthur ream several times says this case was reopened they have said that he failed a polygraph test but they have not said what the specifics of that test warp that's abc's eva pilgrim reporting there news times and twenty four another check of your komo aaa traffic we do it every ten minutes on the fours all day long here's kira jordan well we have just one blocking problem right now and that's in seattle where we have a crash that's partially blocking the ramp from northbound i five albro in the mainline is looking slow from that area to the convention center southbound i five still a bit busy through shoreline now we had an earlier stall in kirkland and that's left a slow go on southbound four zero five from state route five to seven through the totem lake area and northbound ninety nine is still tricky between the west seattle bridge and.

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