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Pricing participation may vary cannot be combined with Combo meal single item at regular price Monday through Friday, 10 to midnight. He's been crying for hours. Why won't he stop? The doctor said he's fine to all babies cry like this. Is this normal? Yes. Sometimes healthy babies can cry for hours at a time and can't be soothed. It's called the period of purple crying, and it's common in the first five months of life, starting in the first few weeks and peaking around two months. The good news is, it will end no matter how long a baby cries never use shaking to stop. Trying. Visit purple crying dot info. The opinions of the hosts on K D WN are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this station. Its management or Beasley. Media groups news with Matt Ray because you're busy. Let Matt help you navigate the news of the day. And good Monday morning. America's first news continues on this 21st the day of June, six minutes past the hour and new this morning. Eight Children. In a van from a used home for abused or neglected Children killed. They were killed in a fiery multi vehicle crash on a wet interstate that also killed a man and his baby in another vehicle. They were the most devastating blows from that tropical depression that claimed at least 13 lives in Alabama as it caused flash flooding and spurred tornadoes that destroyed homes. The crash happened Saturday south of Montgomery on I 65 after vehicles likely hydroplaned on wet roads and the Children ages. 4 to 17 belonged to the Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch Youth home operated by the Alabama Sheriff's Association. The deaths occurring as drenching rains from tropical depression. Claudette pelted northern Alabama and Georgia late Saturday. The Depression did return to tropical storm status this morning over eastern North Carolina before heading out to sea in the Atlantic Ocean. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice declaring an end to his state's indoor mask requirement on Sunday as a $1 million winner was revealed in a drawing for residents who have received the coronavirus vaccine. Karen Foley won the top prize announced on a sweltering father's day at the Capitol complex in Charleston. Elsewhere, a new kind of jackpot is emerging in Nevada. But Governor Steve Cecil Axes, not everybody can get in on it. You have to have received a shot. Max Nevada Days is a covid vaccine incentive promotion that will provide $5 million in cash and prizes for nearly 2000 eligible Nevada residents. Have been vaccinated. That's right. $5 million in prizes will be awarded. I know you're anxious for having to get to what the prize is actually are. So let me get right to the good stuff. On August, 26 will announce the Grand Prize winner of $1 million Additionally, every week new events who have received the vaccine are eligible for the wind fishing licenses annual passes and that is incredible State Park. The Biden administration right now is in the middle of a month long blitz to combat vaccine hesitancy and the lack of urgency. Some feel to get the shots, particularly in the South, and Midwest. Officials are trying to get creative as the delta variant. Spreads among the unvaccinated. I mentioned the South there. Arizona on Sunday reported 385 new cases in five additional deaths. The states now recorded more than 889,000 known cases in more than 17,000 virus related deaths. Apartment of health services officials reporting 640 new One case is 641 new cases and 16 deaths on Saturday. So that was the highest single day case number since June 2nd so they are experiencing A spike across Arizona, where state health officials say more than three million are now fully vaccinated earlier, well last week, I should say Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order to prevent state public universities and Community colleges from requiring students to get vaccinated. Submit vaccination documents are to be tested or even forced to wear masks. No Arizona University had a vaccine requirement. Various groups. They're offering incentives for people to get immunized. American Airlines cancelled more than 200 flights over the weekend due to staffing shortages and it expects to cut more daily through July. Americans scrapping 123 on Saturday 178 on Sunday today and 97 are cancelled. All airlines are dealing with staffing issues connected to the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, thousands of employees were either laid off or accepted buyouts. And now that Americans are flying again, two million passing through security checkpoints at various Days throughout the past week or so, American Airlines told ABC News that may need to cancel 50 to 60 flights a day for the rest of June and 50 to 80 in July. Of course, this extends well into the airport as well. You remember last week we told you that the PSA is asking for volunteers and other positions to come help out at the airport checkpoints. Parades, picnics and lessons in history were offered Saturday to commemorate Juneteenth in the US today that carries even more significance after Congress and the president created a federal holiday to observe the end of slavery. Six FT statue of George Floyd was unveiled in Brooklyn as part of celebrations there. The £800 bust was created by American sculptor Chris Carney Booky from Confront art. Here's what he had to tell HP. Just was a story that really change the world. And I wanted to create something as an artist That was to capture that moment, but also something that would be lasting because people can remember this statue convince the strength and dignity of George Floyd. I hope it will count. Spiritual wants residents and passersby to continue to organize to mobilize to march and to educate with the goal of enacting change..

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